15 Tips for Freshmen


  1. There is 24-hour study space upstairs in the Union
  2. Quesadilla Friday’s are the best thing on Earth
  3. Get Involved as much as you can
  4. Get to know the people in your hall and try not to go home every weekend
  5. Go to the third or fourth floor of the library if you have noisy roommates or neighbors and need a quiet place to do homework
  6. Take advantage of everything offered on campus
  7. Plan out your week in advance to make time for studying and everything else like laundry, meals, and shopping
  8. Google Calendar is a lifesaver
  9. Take advantage of events with free food
  10. Do your laundry often and keep your room clean
  11. Get in a routine
  12. Find groups/people you can connect with
  13. Trust your gut in all situations
  14. Go to your professor’s office hours
  15. Stay on top of your homework. You can get behind really quickly