Kander hosts voting event



Democratic figure Jason Kander visited UNI to encourage young people to vote.

JOSHUA DAUSENER, Copy Editor | [email protected]

“Eat your vegetables and vote,” national Democratic figure and potential 2020 presidential contender Jason Kander told a crowd of about two-dozen students on Thursday evening in the Elm Room in the Maucker Union. Kander visited UNI in an event sponsored by democratic activist groups Let America Vote, March for Our Lives Cedar Valley, and the Northern Iowa Democrats.

Kander, who had visited Iowa State and the University of Iowa earlier in the day as part of a large visit to Iowa, talked about voting laws and the voting activist organization he chairs, Let America Vote.

“Our mission to create political consequences for voter suppression. What that means in, people who are making is harder to vote, we’re making it harder for them to get elected.”

Kander didn’t hold his fire regarding House File 516, Iowa’s controversial voter ID law, during the event.

“I served in Afghanistan in the Army, I was willing to put my life on the line for these rights and freedoms, and I’m not about to come home and watch Donald Trump and Iowa Secretary of State Paul Paul take those rights away from people. Given the fact that American hero’s marched across the bridge in Selma facing down dogs and batons and hoses, the least we can do it vote and get our friends to vote.”

Natalie Dean, president of the Northern Iowa Democrats, was impressed by Kander’s visit.

“He was honest with all of his answers, and was pragmatic about what we need to do to actually win the election. His background in politics and the military allowed him to see what niche needed to be filled in politics and that’s what helped him to create Let America Vote….  It was a great event and we are very glad he was able to come to UNI!”

Kander’s visit is likely to be the first of many visits to UNI by politicians as the 2018 election cycle heats up.