Senators sworn in

JOSHUA DAUSENER, Copy Editor | [email protected]

Northern Iowa Student Government (NISG) welcomed two new senators to the legislative branch during the Sept.19 Senate meeting.

Sophomore digital media production and computer science major, Farhan Bin Amjad, was sworn in as a senator from the College of Humanities and Arts and Sciences (CHAS).

Senior social science teaching major Chad Schafer was sworn in as an at-large senator; meaning that Schafer represents the student body as a whole rather than a specific college.

Per the NISG Constitution, Senate seats that are empty the Tuesday after Labor Day are appointed by the Speaker of the Senate. Appointees are drawn from a pool of applicants to fill the empty Senate seats.

According to NISG Director of Public Relations David Konfrst, the CHAS seat was vacated in April when CJ Aldape was confirmed by the Senate to become Chief of Staff of the NISG executive branch.

The at-large seat was originally intended for the Graduate College; however, nobody ran for the seat during the spring 2018 NISG elections. Per NISG rules, the seat then become an at-large seat open to applications.

Schafer told the NI that he applied to “help the UNI community grow and succeed,” and said he hopes to pursue placing ethernet ports in recrecational and multipurpose rooms on campus and making UNI more accessible to students with diabilities.

Bin Amjad did not immediately respond to a request for comment.