KULT Radio can be found in the historic Keyhole Room in the basement of Maucker Union.
KULT Radio can be found in the historic Keyhole Room in the basement of Maucker Union.

KULT celebrates 20 years on 94.5

Update April 25, 2024: This article has been updated after receiving feedback from alumni regarding some incorrect information within the piece. KULT celebrated their 20th anniversary, having aired in October 2003.

UNI’s radio station, KULT, is coming around its 20th anniversary of being broadcast on 94.5. The station has a unique draw into the Cedar Valley media scene. It is a student-run organization reeling in relatability and connection to students all around the area.

These milestones would not be possible without the support and community Cedar Falls gives it. Austin Jetter, senior and general manager of the station, says that is what makes KULT stand out from other radio stations and the incentive to listening to a Spotify playlist.

“We’re all kind of parts together in this community here at Cedar Falls, and I don’t think you can get that from any kind of other streaming platform at all,” Jetter says. “I think there’s just a lot more community in that then there is on other platforms. There’s a lot of people that will have have their shows and then all their friends will like to tune into it, or they’ll call in– and I think that’s amazing.”

The station’s hard-working GM has been a part of the station for around two years. He first was introduced to the station after exploring Maucker Union and came across KULT’s home, which sparked curiosity.

KULT is celebrating its 20th year at 94.5. (BAILEY KLINKHAMMER)

“My first semester here, I really wanted to find a job, or something to do outside of just classes,” Jetter reveals. “I was kind of just exploring the Union, and I was in the basement and saw that they had a radio station. I thought that was really cool because, like a lot of people, I never even heard of the radio station. So I was really interested and I got connected the the GM at the time. I did my own show for the first semester and then became the general manager after that.”

KULT offers a variety of shows for listeners. There’s sports shows, talk and personality segments, as well as DJ hosts. This variety is what brings different people together to earn the viewership the student-run station has today, especially with the popularity in podcasts in recent years. Along with offering variety for listeners, it offers variety of opportunities for students hosting segments on the station.

“I know there’s a lot of students that are media majors, so this kind of helps them get some experience with that,” Jetter explains. “There’s been people that have been involved with KULT who have gone on to pursue careers and radio and stuff, so I think this gives them a real application to what they may be studying.”

The radio station provides an outlet for students creatively, and can provide stepping stones for students to build careers. (BAILEY KLINKHAMMER)

People of all majors can find a way to express themselves freely on KULT through creative choice and narration, and create diversity for the station. Jetter explains that he finds fulfillment being a part of KULT even though he is not seeking aspirations in media. “Personally, I’m a business management major…but I just love it as a way to express myself. I love music. I love all kinds of music. Having the ability to share that with other people and voice my opinion about songs that I like, I think that’s really fun…I just think it’s a really good outlet to express to people how they’re feeling.”

Oftentimes, you can find the student-led station DJing popular events such as UNI’s “Stress Free Days” and “Dance Marathon” where they match the function’s vibe and play enjoyable music for everyone. It allows the variety of hosts to showcase their music taste and talents, and it is a way to gain publicity for KULT, by introducing people and making connections.

“I would love for anyone who is interested, please stop on by,” Jetter says. “I’m really thankful for the experience I’ve had here, and I’ve had so much fun working with the people involved.”

UNI’s KULT is located in the basement of Maucker Union. They are always looking for more DJ’s and hosts to expand their numbers in the station and overall diversity. Email the station at [email protected] for those looking to join the team.

What are you looking for when listening to KULT? Fill out this survey using the QR code and let the station know your thoughts! 


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    Christian FasseliusApr 24, 2024 at 9:23 am

    Hi – this is incorrect. Prior to 2003/2004, the student radio station was KGRK, and was not on FM radio at all. For a short time from the late 90s until 2003/2004, it was on a low power AM, and prior to that, it was campus TV and webcast only. There was a “carrier current” in the very early 90s as well, but that was also AM radio. I was the general manager from 1999-2001, and we definitely were not on FM at any time, but we did have over 120 DJs all doing their thing.