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Iowa Auditor of State Rob Sand, will be the only Democrat at the state level. The red wave left many democrats disappointed in the state of Iowa.

The red wave in Iowa

DREW HILL , Sports Writer Nov 16, 2022

*Disclaimer: The following opinion articles featured do not reflect the opinion of the Northern Iowan newspaper or staff as a whole. Republicans had a huge win in Iowa as voters re-elected Governor...

The casting of Halle Bailey as Ariel in Disneys live action The Little Mermaid has garnered backlash from online communities implying that Ariel cannot be Black.

Mermaids can be Black

NKASA BOLUMBU , Staff Writer Nov 15, 2022

Disney's decision to cast a Black actress as Ariel has sparked online outrage following the release of the live-action trailer Ariel is one of my favorite Disney princesses. I admire her curiosity and...

The language added to the 2nd Amendment would require any restrictions on guns to survive strict scrutiny.

Iowa second Amendment

BAILEY KLINKHAMMER, Opinion Columnist Nov 10, 2022

Last night 65 percent of voters voted ‘Yes’ to add more language to the second Amendment in the state of Iowa On Election Day, when flipping over the ballot, Iowan voters were greeted with a ballot...

The optics of American hate

Michael Bugeja , Iowa Capitol Dispatch Nov 10, 2022

Editor’s Note: This article is from Iowa Capitol Dispatch from Nov. 1, 2022  The road to hell isn’t paved anymore with good intentions. The asphalt is hatred. Chances are you have experienced it...

Gov. Kim Reynolds is seeking to be re-elected for Governor and Sen. Chuck Grassley is seeking to serve his seventh term as senator.

Vote for who you know

DREW HILL, Sports Writer Nov 2, 2022

Strong performances deserve strong turn out in these midterm elections On Tuesday, Nov. 8, elections across the country will be held. Among the many offices that will be filled in Iowa are those for Governor,...

Actor Evan Peters plays Jeffery Dahmer, a notorious serial killer from Milwaukee, Wis. In this scene, Dahmer is sentenced and taken to the Columbia Correctional Facility. He was sentenced to 15 terms of life imprisonment. He then got another term for a homicide that he committed in Ohio in 1978.

Netflix: Villains over victims

NKASA BOLUMBU, Staff Writer Oct 30, 2022

How Netflix's most recent Dahmer docuseries failed victims and their families “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” is the title for the second most popular show on Netflix at the moment....

Opinion Columnist Bailey Klinkhammer pictured left is with Sen. Liz Mathis pictured right.

Bring back the blue

BAILEY KLINKHAMMER, Opinion Columnist Oct 26, 2022

Midterm elections are in full swing across the U.S. midterm elections as only affecting the federal level, the midterm elections are a vital part of state and local elections as well. In Iowa specifically,...

The debate dance

Dave Busiek, Iowa Capitol Dispatch Oct 24, 2022

Change the format to better serve voters Editor’s note: This article is from Iowa Capital Dispatch from Sept. 29, 2022 Iowans are losing one more traditional handhold on the world of politics as incumbent...

Taxpayers asked to pay more for 25 percent fewer students at UNI

Glenn Gray , Guest Columnist Oct 24, 2022

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted Sept. 20, 2022. According to the Board of Regents. “The Board approved FY 2024 appropriations requests totaling $630.46 million, including $32 million in incremental...

Horror movies are the worst

ABIGAIL SAATHOFF, Opinion Columnist Oct 24, 2022

Horror movies have been around for years, and from “Candyman to Carnival of Souls,” to “Paranormal Activity” to “The Conjuring,” nearly every horror movie I’ve seen, with the rare exception,...

Protestors protested against Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi outside of the United Nations in New York City, N.Y. over the 22-year-old Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini, who died in police custody for violating the hijab rules in Iran.

Embracing more religious freedom in the US

DREW HILL, Sports Writer Oct 19, 2022

Iran, France and religious rights should be balanced on US soil  Nearly one month ago, 22-year-old died in police custody in Iran. Though police claimed they did everything they could to save her, many...

The Articles of Confederation, which preceded the Constitution, took out term limits. The founders at the time did not believe members would want to extend their in the field.

Supporting term limits

Vern Wuensche, Guest Columnist Oct 16, 2022

Editor’s Note: Vern Wuensche’s opinion pieces have appeared in USA Today and other newspapers. He is a small town Texas farm boy with an MBA and CPA who founded and continuously ran Houston’s oldest...

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