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Northern Iowan

The current Northern Iowan editing team. Back row (left to right): Mayra Villanueva (Spanish Editor), Diamond Roundtree (Campus Life Editor), Sophie Hoffmeier (Copy Editor), David Warrington (Sports Editor) and Mallory Schmitz (News Editor). Front row (left to right): Nixson Benitez (Executive Editor) and Emma Koehler (Managing Editor).

A toast to another 130 years

NIXSON BENITEZ, Executive Editor Nov 7, 2022

The Northern Iowan, established in 1892, celebrates its 130 year anniversary This year marks the 130th anniversary of the Northern Iowan newspaper. Throughout this week, our newspaper is providing a couple...

El Northern Iowan está cumpliendo 130 años y es algo que se quiere celebrar por los logros a lo largo de la historia y celebrar a los editores, escritores y fotógrafos que hacen y han hecho que el periódico estudiantil siga en pie hasta el día de hoy.

Un brindis por otros 130 años

MAYRA VILLANUEVA, Spanish Editor Nov 7, 2022

Jefe de edición: Nixson Benítez Editora en español: Mayra Villanueva El Northern Iowan celebra su 130 aniversario esta semana.  Este año marca el 130o aniversario de el Northern Iowan. Esta semana...

Maddens staff profile photo from his time as news editor.

Former staff looks back at time with NI

Sara Qualley & Jacob Madden, Former Staff Nov 7, 2022

SARA QUALLEY Former Writer, '21 Editor's Note: Sara Qualley graduated from UNI with a B.A. is digital journalism in 2021. She now works as an academic content coordinator with Evidence in Motion,...

The above image is a scan of the very first issue of the publication that would become the Northern Iowan. The Normal Eyte began on Jan. 12, 1892, while UNI was titled the Iowa State Normal School.

The road to the Northern Iowan

Nov 7, 2022

Editor's Note: This publication is from the very first volume and issue of the Northern Iowan, known as The Normal Eyte at this time on Jan. 12, 1892.  In presenting this little pamphlet to the public...

Ashton Gonnerman, actuarial science 26. The Northern Iowan is very important as it gives real campus news that you cant get anywhere else. Its nice to see something other than just political stuff all the time; stuff that could bring us together and not apart.

VOX POP 130TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION: What does the news and the Northern Iowan mean to you?

Grant Peterson, Guest Columnist Nov 7, 2022

Quotes and photos by Grant Peterson.

Our new gymnasium

Our new gymnasium

Nov 7, 2022

The pride of the normal school nearly finished Editor's Note: This is an archive of the Northern Iowan as it was previously named The Normal Eyte. Next week the fine new gymnasium which Supt. Robinson...

New undergraduate enrollment grows in number and quality

New undergraduate enrollment grows in number and quality

David Phipps, NI News Writer '91 Nov 7, 2022

Editor's Note: This article was published Oct. 22, 1991 when enrollment at UNI started to increase.  Despite recent state budget cuts and another impending tuition increase, undergraduate enrollment...

Letters from the editors

Gabby Leitner & Kevin Kirkpatrick, Former Executive Editors Nov 7, 2022

Former executive editors of the NI share some of their experiences while in the office GABBY LEITNER Former Executive Editor '18 The Northern Iowan played a critical role in helping me find community...

Comical columnist imparts wisdom

MIKE WIETHORN, NI Columnist 1991-92 Nov 7, 2022

I suppose that my column for the NI could be described as simply human interest. Nothing really to speak of as being political or social commentary. I just talked about general UNI campus events, and how...

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