NFL Mock Draft, The NI Edition

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NFL Mock Draft, The NI Edition




ELIOT CLOUGH, Sports Editor

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As the 2019 NFL Draft soon approaches, each and every NFL fan continues to be bombarded by every analyst’s supposed 100 percent accurate mock draft, until it changes in two weeks.

Yes, new information leaks; yes, players have incredible combine workouts that increase their draft stock and yes, sometimes videos of offensive lineman smoking marijuana surface on Twitter the day of the draft and shift things around a little bit.

But, accuracy for the most part when it comes to the draft can be deduced even months prior to said selections. Here’s your first look at the Northern Iowan’s Top 10 Mock Draft of 2019.

1. Arizona Cardinals – Kyler Murray, QB Oklahoma

Let’s be real here. If this were last year’s draft, Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold would easily be taken ahead of Murray. But this year, Murray is clearly the top of this year’s class purely based on his incredible athleticism and intelligence of the game. Murray is far and away better for Kliff Kingsbury’s system as opposed to Josh Rosen and the Cardinals will be ecstatic in the long-term to have Murray under center as opposed to Rosen.

2. San Francisco 49ers – Nick Bosa, DE Ohio State

The 49ers have to be jumping for joy realizing that the best player in the draft has fallen into their laps. While Murray could be franchise -changing for Arizona, Bosa is far and away a safer bet. He possesses all the skill of his older brother Joey, being a high motor pass rusher with the ability to fit into either a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme and become the team’s top sack-getter day one.

3. New York Jets – Quinnen Williams DT Alabama

This one was tough. In a defense-deep draft, the Jets have plenty of needs. Pass rusher, run stopper, a safety to pair with Jamal Adams and a corner. In the attempt to check off two of those boxes, the J-E-T-S grab Williams. The Alabama defensive tackle has been labeled as the surest thing in this year’s draft, and the Jets could absolutely use that.

4. Oakland Raiders – Josh Allen Edge Kentucky

After trading away one of the best linebackers in the NFL today, Khalil Mack, the silver and black look to finally replace him. Allen has unparalleled speed at the linebacker position, having covered a running back on a wheel route earlier this season. Allen can also get to the quarterback with ease.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Jonah Williams OT Alabama

This might be one of the toughest spots in the draft. The Bucs have needs just about everywhere. Having lost Kwon Alexander and DeSean Jackson to free agency, a bad situation at quarterback with Jameis Winston, and a bad offensive line, there’s a plethora of places to improve. Offensive line is too important to miss out on, and Williams is a plug and play guy.

6. New York Giants – Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

Eli Manning is not getting any younger. After having one winning season in the last six years, it’s time to move on. The franchise has made it clear that they are in a rebuilding phase after letting go of Odell Beckham Jr, Landon Collins and Olivier Vernon. It’s time to move on from Manning. Pairing the young QB with Saquon Barkley also can’t hurt.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars – Jawaan Taylor OT Florida

After yet another disappointing season, the Jags have resorted to signing a back-up quarterback in Nick Foles to a four-year 88 million dollar deal. Might as well protect him and Taylor is a great option to do that. Having only allowed one sack this last year, Taylor remains in-state and goes in the top 10 to the Jaguars.

8. Detroit Lions – Montez Sweat Edge Mississippi State

Sweat shows freaky athleticism and can make crazy plays any time he wants to. If you watch the tape, he disappears. Regularly. Yes, there are those few instances in a game where he makes his presence known, but that needs to be made a much more regular thing at the next level. This is a projection pick at its finest.

9. Buffalo Bills – D.K. Metcalf Ole Miss

The Bills need a weapon on the outside It’s that simple. Josh Allen is not anywhere near one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the draft and he could use a guy that has a wide catch radius and the ability to go up and get the ball. I personally think Metcalf is extremely overrated and his complete lack of lateral-quickness is concerning, but scouts are drooling over him and he goes higher than he deserves.

10. Denver Broncos – Drew Lock QB Missouri

Out of desperation to finally replace Peyton Manning at the helm, John Elway stretches for a QB who’s not ready to start day one. After trading for Joe Flacco, the Broncos seem to have made it apparent that they think they are contenders right now. That defense may be solid (with some concerns on the back end), but the offense has been dreadful the last few years. After taking Paxton Lynch in the first round a couple years ago, this is Elway’s last shot at redemption.

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