UNI, DMACC announce partnership


Students from Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) seeking to transfer to UNI will now have the option to remain in the Des Moines area, thanks to a recent partnership developed by DMACC President Rob Denson and UNI President Mark Nook.

As announced  on Wednesday, Nov. 6, at the DMACC Urban campus, the new partnership will be a 2+2 program called “UNI at DMACC.” Students in the program will complete two years of study through DMACC, followed by two years through UNI, but located on the DMACC campus. These classes will take place online, although a university press release noted that offerings may be expanded in years to come. Full-time staff will be placed at the DMACC campus to jump-start recruitment and provide support for the online classes.

According to the press release, the program’s goal is to “make degree completion easier for DMACC students by eliminating the obstacle of relocation.”

“This program will offer new, affordable and flexible options for our students to earn a bachelor’s degree close to their family, close to their jobs and close to home,” said Denson at the announcement on Wednesday.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, who attended the announcement, described the UNI at DMACC program as “an innovative new way to bring bachelor’s degrees to students regardless of their location and situation, and really then take the next step in connecting them to meaningful careers.”

In addition to the full-time staff, UNI has committed to raising $2.5 million to support funding of the physical building in which UNI at DMACC classes will be held, as well as an additional $2.5 million to support students in the program.

“We’re always looking for what can we do to better serve the needs of the state of Iowa, the people of Iowa. What kind of education needs are there?” Nook said on Wednesday.  “It was clear that there was a growing need, especially in the urban area, to serve the needs of the people here.”

  Graduates of the program will earn a Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree from UNI.

“There are skills that come with a baccalaureate degree that are vital to our employers,” Nook said. “Whatever we can do to help build those in the Des Moines area, continue to build the Des Moines economy [and…] quality of life, we need to be a part of that.”

For more information about the new partnership, visit belong.uni.edu/dmacc.