Crime brief: sexual assault reported

NI STAFF, NI Editors

Trigger Warning: The following article contains mention of a report of sexual misconduct.

On Sunday, Feb. 23, the UNI student body received an email regarding a rape reported to UNI police by a student.

The email stated that the assault was committed by an acquaintance in a residence hall between midnight and 1:30 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 20. 

The only person responsible for sexual assault is the perpetrator.

According to the email, “the most common type of sexual assault is not committed by a stranger but by someone known to the victim, typically a date or other acquaintance.” 

Survivors of sexual assault or misconduct can contact UNI police at (319)-273-2712 and can also seek support by contacting the Riverview Center’s 24-hour sexual assault crisis line at 888-557-0310.