Goedken: Get a pet for a forever companion



Dani Goedken recommends a get to anyone feeling lonely or in need of a friend


Pets make the best friends in the entire world. It’s hard to find a better friend than a pet. People come and go all the time, they don’t always need you, and may not want to hang out with you all the time. Pets on the other hand will always want to hang out with you and they will never leave because they need you so much.

Pets can be a lot of work and they can cost a lot of money, but the benefits outweigh the consequences. My dog is the best thing that ever happened to me and I will cry every time I have to leave her. My grandma’s dog keeps her company all day long while she’s at her house by herself. What else do you need in life when you have a constant companion with you.

Dogs in particular are known for their protection and support abilities. Many people have support dogs and they have trained the dogs to protect them. It is not just dogs that can do these things, but dogs seem to be quite popular.

Personally, I never felt more loved than when I’m holding my dog. My dog refuses to leave my lap because she loves being with me and never wants to leave me. If I want to go outside, Ruby wants to come with me, and we always have such a fun time. She always wants to go for walks with me and she’ll never tell me no. That’s the kind of love and support that I need, and humans just don’t really give you the same satisfaction.

Pets are also the cutest thing ever. I could stare at my dog and my friend’s bunny all day long. It is such a stress reliever to pet a bunny all day and stare at their cute little face. Pets would solve so many problems that students face every day. Want to feel loved? Go hang out with your pet. Want something cute to stare at? Go look at your pet. Want a reliable friend? Be friends with your pet. Want to have a conversation with someone and have them only listen and not respond? Talk to your pet. In conclusion, everyone should have a pet!