Amazon is not your friend



Tyler Montgomery discusses the importance of small business and avoiding monopolies like Amazon


Isn’t it convenient that Amazon has so many services? If the poor college student can’t afford books for classes, then they can go buy them for four bucks on Amazon. Amazon Go will now let you shop in an Amazon grocery store, if you have an account of course. There is also Amazon Music, original films, kindle, television studio, cash up, home services, drive, business and even a video game studio. They are also looking to open a bookstore and theater chain. If you thought Wal-Mart and Disney were going to rule over you, you’ve thought wrong.

Amazon also houses the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos. Bezos is so rich that he could end world hunger twice a year. So why isn’t he? Why doesn’t society stand up and ask why? If Amazon continues to grow, how long before they open a college? That probably won’t be tuition free. Amazon isn’t our friend. It’s great that they have all those services, but low long before they are running everything?

Delivery companies could be in danger, “UPS” and “FedEx” are two examples. Amazon is currently testing out “Shipping with Amazon.” Why not cut out the middleman? Costco, Walgreens, Etsy and every other grocery store on earth is. Although, it’s very convenient to have Amazon go, you can just walk right out the store.

Amazon is actually called a monopoly, and not the board game. Here is a definition:  market structure characterized by a single seller, selling a unique product in the market. Basically, they face no competition. If Amazon is able to start up a theater chain, they will dominate the market. Netflix has over one hundred and eighty million subscribers. Amazon has over one hundred and fifty million subscribers. Netflix will be introduced to the streaming endangered list soon. If they are allowed to open a theater chain, then all independent theaters are at risk of going out of business. COVID-19 has hurt them all already, and Amazon will finish them off.

If our society allows Amazon to continue its monopoly run, they will control the market. They will control pricing, political control and have nowhere to go to buy your four dollar books. With shipping and handling cost of course.

What are some solutions? First, cancel Netflix. There are plenty of streaming sites to choose from. Support local businesses. Have your groceries delivered during a crisis and support your local stores when you can. Find other outlets that aren’t controlled by monopolies. They don’t need to offer cheap books if they control the price and you have nowhere to go. It’s a false friendship. Do you think it won’t affect you now? Give it a few years, Amazon is a slow burn. This does affect us all. In the game, only one person wins, one to rule them all.