Stand up against President Trump this election

Lauren Holst, Guest Columnist

Over 70 high-ranking former national security officials — all Republicans — have released a public statement calling Trump “unfit for office” and “corrupt” (Former National Security Officials for Biden).  

Military veterans have created grassroots organizations to oppose Trump and the Republican elected officials that have supported his actions that are dividing us as a nation and are promoting racism and violence against one another (Common Defense, VoteVets, Veterans Against Trump).

Elite Republican campaign operatives have abandoned their life’s work and are now applying their skills to remove Trump and all of the elected Republican officials from office that have enabled him (The Lincoln Project).  

A huge group of Republicans are standing up against their own party as having failed to ensure that the liberties enshrined in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence are applied to everyone (Republicans for the Rule of Law).  

A massive number of everyday Republicans, former Republicans and conservatives — disgusted with the actions of Trump — are now fighting to elect Joe Biden for president (Republican Voters Against Trump).  

These are Republicans that believe their own party and elected officials have turned against our country. They believe Trump and the Republicans currently in office are destroying our international alliances and the fabric of our society; hollowing out the systems that support the public interests; creating massive federal debt while shifting wealth from the poor, working class and middle class to the wealthiest; and leaving us vulnerable before our enemies.

This is not a drill.  Vote to save our democracy.