ISSO winter clothing drives heats up


Gabi Cummings

Winter clothing donations can be left in the donation box located outside the ISSO in Maucker Union room 113.


From Oct. 16 through Nov. 6, the UNI International Students and Scholars Office is sponsoring a winter clothing drive. This drive is used to help provide winter items such as coats, scarves and gloves for international students who may not have the proper attire to prepare them for the conditions of an Iowa winter.

Director of International Students and Scholars Isabela Varela expressed in an interview that things look a little different this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“A person might get COVID-19 from touching surfaces, but it is not as easy (as) from person-to-person,” Varela said. “So still, we can collect donations for winter wear.”

However, precautions are still in place to protect people running the drive and those who receive the donations. Research has been done from information on the CDC’s website to ensure the safety of all involved.

“We warn people to wear gloves when they go through the clothes,” Varela said. “We have asked people who donate to clean the clothes. We also try to keep the new clothes outside for two to three days at the most just in case.”

Valera mentioned her favorite part of the whole process is that it helps take care of the students. With many international students remaining on campus for winter break, this clothing drive helps many students as they wait for classes to resume in the spring semester. 

This program has been run for many years by the ISSO, and this year they are hoping for a great amount of donations to continue to help international students as they acclimate to the winter weather. All are welcome to donate supplies to the drive and are encouraged to do so.

Donations can be left at the donation box by the International Students and Scholars Office in Maucker Union 113.