Illuminate Dance Troupe has final fall show

Members of the IDT perform a Dutch folk dance, musical theater and other dances at their last performance of the semester.


On Nov. 10 the Illuminate Dance Troupe (IDT) held their second performance for the year. This performance featured several styles of dance; folk, ballroom and studio style dances to name a few. The Illuminate Dance Troupe performed in the WRC along with special guest Orchesis Dance Company. The event was available for the public to watch via Facebook Live or in person. COVID-19 has presented lots of challenges for everyone but has made some performances more accessible to audience members who may not be able to travel to attend the performances. 

Senior elementary education major Mary Kellis said, “I really enjoyed IDT this semester and I appreciated how everyone worked together to pull our show together! I’m so happy I was able to spend my last semester on campus dancing!”

IDT had another performance back in September where they performed dances from last semester. The performers were very excited to be performing again and they continue to be thrilled with performing for audiences again. During the performance, several audience members commented on the Facebook Live video. It was obvious the performance was well received by all, and the groups are all admired by the community and the university. 

With the shortened fall semester, there are no more performances planned for 2020, but the groups are anxiously waiting to perform again next semester. The group typically performs in April and has fundraisers and events throughout the year.