When in doubt, road trip it out



Dani Goedken argues the importance of taking time for yourself by going on adventures with friends.


There is no reason why you shouldn’t go on a road trip with your friends right now. The world is never going to slow down for you, so you might as well take every chance you have to live the best life you can.

We are living in a global pandemic. We are supposed to stay inside and social distance all the time. Almost our entire lives have been turned online with not much for us to do anymore. 

What a better time than now to be taking a road trip. Road tripping is a super fun but easy way to slow the spread but also have a fun time. You can see the world all from the comfort of your own car with some of your closest friends.

School is coming to a close for the semester. There are two whole months that we have off of school this year. We could spend that time working or going to other classes, but we could also be spending that time seeing the world. Two months is a long time, and there is plenty to see and do out there.

You don’t even have to go with your friends. Take some time for yourself. Go out into the world and explore yourself and reflect on yourself. Everyone needs to take some time and understand who they are and find their place in this world. A road trip is the perfect time to do that and  make some great friends along the way, socially distanced of course. You are getting amazing stories and experiences that you can’t get from your home. You will open your mind to other ways of life and experience a deeper sense of gratitude. You will re-energize your life by getting out of the same old routines that you’ve been living for so long.

It is so easy to just pack up your car, grab a tent and hit the road. You don’t have to know where you’re going just know that you’re going somewhere. Travel across the country, go ocean to ocean, see every river and mountain out there. You can come home and tell amazing stories of your adventures. 

Maybe you’ll never come back home. Maybe you’ll find the perfect place out in the world that you’ve needed all along.

So go; leave Iowa and go see the world. There is no better time to up and leave it than right now with your friends. We never know how long we’re going to be here so we need to live it like we’re going to die tomorrow. This is so important now more than ever in a global pandemic. Just go live your life.