A note from the News Editor: The NI wants YOU!


As the NI looks ahead to this fall and beyond, I’m reaching out with a personal message to each and every Panther: We want YOU to be a part of the Northern Iowan team!

Many of the NI editorial staff (including myself) will be graduating this spring, and we’ll soon be looking for exciting new talent to fill our shoes. We are also seeking writers and photographers, including sports journalists. 

(Además, ¡ necesitaremos escritores y editores que hablan español para continuar con nuestra emocionante iniciativa “Northern Iowan in Español” que lanzamos esta primavera!)

I know there are plenty of enthusiastic journalists, photographers, graphic designers and editors on campus who would thrive in the NI newsroom. When we begin seeking applicants for editorial positions, as we will very soon, I encourage anyone, regardless of major or year in school, to apply. Take advantage of the opportunity to tell your story at the Northern Iowan and make your mark at UNI!