No relief with the relief bill



This past weekend the third COVID-19 relief bill was passed.

TANNER RICHARDS, Opinion Columnist

As expected, the House of Representatives has voted to pass the heavily partisan COVID-19 “Relief” Bill which is to be signed by the President this Friday. We can now add an additional $1.9 trillion to our national debt clock – another example of wasteful pork spending using our tax dollars.

What exactly is this “rescue plan”thatPresident Biden is proposing? As you dive deeper into the bill, it looks more like a bailout fund for blue states that have mishandled the pandemic. All the while, red states are being punished for handling the pandemic the right way: by not instituting harmful lock- downs and for not sending COVID-19 infected patients back into nursing homes.

Nonetheless, let’s look at the numbers and what this bill is going to do. Your tax dollars are going to fund abortions abroad, blue states will receive $200.7 billion while red states

will receive $130.5 billion, $800 million will go to foreign aid and money will be funneled to unions. You, the taxpayer, would only receive 9% of the money in the bill, if that.

On the bright side, the bill transferred less than a percent of school fund- ing to cover programs for homeless children instead. It also mandates that elementary schools and secondary schools release a reopening plan within 30 days of receiving COVID- 19 related funding. Other than that, nothing else was really changed in the bill.

President Joe Biden promised you $2,000checks; instead you may only be getting $1,400, roughly the same amount that former President Trump provided under the CARES Act. What most do not under- stand is that the $1,400 promised under this bill is simply taxpayer money that is just going back to the taxpayers. It also includes a $60 billion increase of surprise tax hikes on large corporations that employ millions throughout this country. It also implies that

Biden intends to punish red states that actually follow the science and keep their economies open and let local city leaders decide what the best course of action would be.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had plenty of opportunities to actually help middle America from her parties disastrous policies, but she was only interested in playing party politics while going on late night TV showing off her fancy candy in her $25,000 fridge. Millions of Americans can’t even afford to put food on the table for their kids or pay for a roof over their head because of unemployment brought on by lock- downs. Since these same politicians encouraged lockdowns, Speaker Pelosi thought it would be a good idea, while thousands of businesses aren’t allowed to open in her state to go and get her hair done, without wearing a mask. They lecture us about locking down in our homes or else we’ll kill grandma; meanwhile these D.C. politicians don’t follow the rules they them- selves drafted.

The American Rescue plan should be an example of what we are in for these next few years. This bill essentially establishes a welfare-entitlement state for citizens not willing to get a job. There is already a shortage of workers in this country thanks to President Biden cancelling the Keystone pipeline and progressive policies ruining small business.

Biden inherited one of the greatest scientific miracles in vaccine roll- out thanks to Operation Warp Speed and the greatest economy in the world, and now he seeks to ruin that legacy with essentially another Obama-era term in office.