Putting the blame on the border control game


Remember when former President Donald Trump claimed everything at the border was alright? Until the photos of children in cages and how they were being treated got leaked? Well, isn’t it interesting for Sen. Ted Cruz to throw a boat party, and talk about how the Biden Administration is poorly handling the border crisis? Of course, he doesn’t offer any solutions.

Basically, what he did was talk about was global warming but then on camera, threw trash into a river. This seems to be a recurring issue in politics and the border itself. The line is just a small piece, in a much larger game.

Think about if the border crisis was to be solved, or if a majority of American citizens decided to not make such a big fuss over immigrants coming over because they also wish to have a better life. Now everyone’s attention would be shifted to another topic, and there are several to choose from. The environment might be one of those big issues, but then maybe someone digs into how the companies are killing the planet (for several decades), and then maybe some Republicans have been ignoring it, or even possibly taking money from those big corporations. A big if, but does it seem that far-fetched?

If you care about the citizens you’re supposed to be protecting or at the very least, attempting to help provide a better lifestyle for them, making sure everyone has a planet to live on would be high on the list. Also, when you’re afraid of an 18-year-old girl who is just trying to point out the flaws in the system, it’s safe to say some politicians could care less about how their actions affect people.

Affecting people is part of the game, affecting how they think and view the world, or just American in this case. The border crisis from the past 4 years was Trump’s fault, but now it’s transformed into the Biden Administrations’ fault. The Biden Administration isn’t perfect, but they don’t deserve all the blame for the problems at the border. It should be put on Trump’s shoulders, but since nobody is interested in taking the blame for their actions, it’s now moved elsewhere.

How does that happen? With the information of how the Trump administration treated the people at the border, shouldn’t everyone be on the same page on the failure of the Trump Administration? No, because it’s just another piece to play with for Republicans. Now with the Biden Administration in charge, and how Republicans probably want another Republican as president, it’s best to exploit your own failures, but turn them into a positive. It’s not their fault for the border crisis, it’s the new team’s fault, because since they’re in office now, so it can’t be the former party’s fault for the problems. Unfortunately, the border crisis can’t be fixed in a day, since all the problems of the last party have to be revered, it takes time to figure out how to reverse what they did, and then be able to make the situation better for those involved in the future. Now it’s just one big game of deception, who’s fault is it really? Nobody apparently.

It’s all just one big game of distractions and deceptions. Trying to make disinformation out of information, how to use whatever information you have to destroy or keep the other party at bay. Making sure that everyone is fighting with each other, so they don’t take a look at what you’re trying to do now or in the future. It’s a twisted game, but it takes twisted people to play it.