Aspire to Inspire



Inspiring others helps navigate challenges, especially in unprecedented times.


Look. See the world around you, all the clubs, sports, and people. Think. Take a moment to process this past year and all its tragic events. And Breathe.

We have entered a New Era, the action of rebuilding, the hopes of growing, and have once again interpreted the goals of the future, of what we can become.

But the vague series of questions still remains, hanging over our heads, like paying bills or studying for exams.

What has changed? Was it our work ethic? Or our confidence? Why can’t the world go back to the way it was?

The answer lies deep within your consciousness, buried under the sands of grief and loss, and can only be uncovered if we face this new reality together.

On Monday, September 13th, Spaz, senior student and the outspoken President of the Movement, provided their insight on the matter, stating that prior to covid,

“ the club was a lot more organized, and everyone came and worked hard, but once Covid hit the club almost died…”

However, they continued by saying, “ The hardest part about being back in person is having deadlines to meet again. But the easiest part is that this feels natural. This is where we are supposed to be. We are rebuilding and are pumped for homecoming…”

We are one, all rewriting the same truth, and that sense, the importance of unity, cannot be stressed enough. You do not have to do this alone. Read the previous line again, and then one more time. Junior and RA Luigi Lopez experienced a similar obstacle while navigating through these unprecedented times.

He stated on Tuesday, September 14th, that despite having, “trouble with commitment and laziness…” during quarantine, he was able to transition back to in person with the help of campus experiences, roommates, and friends.

With a figurative shovel in his hand, was able to dig past the previous year to find his personal truth. This is the beginning of an endless journey, dictated by the internal conflict within ourselves, and is resolved through the powers of realization and implementation. Be an ally and an inspiration to those who struggle to believe in themselves.

And if you give yourself and those around you the love and care everyone deserves, you will find that there is no cap to what we can all achieve. We are in this together.