Second First Impressions



Traveling the world and exploring cultural identity are ways to explore more about yourself.

NI STAFF, NI Editors

There are various destinations to visit and yet only a select few of the younger generations decide to travel instead of going to college after high school. 

After high school, then going into four more years of college can be extremely stressful. way as a new door to opportunities. According to Green Heart Travel, it takes you out of your comfort zone, builds confidence, develops cultural sensitivity, and expands networking.

As said in their website, “Being aware of cultural values and norms is not only fascinating, but can help us understand international issues and conflicts, or even relate to the cultural norms of a foreign business partner.”

A UNI student, Sydney Laures says, “If I could go back in time, before I started college, I would travel. After graduating high school, you’re still young and it can be too early to decide what that idea for the future looks like.”

Without the stress of going places, we look forward to always staying in one place, home.

As the growth of our minds becomes single-minded and closed to the world of opportunities, we never see what possibilities and risks could be taken.

Sometimes it’s meeting new people, getting over the fear of heights, or even learning a new language all together. Ann from SAC says, “There are so many different places to get your education alongside UNI education and it opens up the education experience from other countries.”

Keeping that in mind, we see other UNI students traveling while going to college without discouragement.

Faculty encourage students to expand their horizons to other schools around the world while attending UNI since it is within their college tuition.

What about those who have not gone to college at all? Well, according to The Blonde Abroad, AKA Kiki, she says, “I was taught to go to college, get a job, get married, have kids and live happily ever after. Not once did I consider that chasing the societal idea of “success” would lead me to an unfulfilling and unhappy life.” The Blonde Abroad has been to 71 countries, and over 980,500 miles have been traveled through her time traveling.

Looking into that more, not many people have the money, or even the will to go to different countries. It’s the opening of the mind to different cultures, learning new languages, and becoming a more well-rounded person overall that helps our society.

Some places offer more than what the United States can offer when it comes to nature, scenery, and sometimes people.

Who knows who you could meet walking down the street of Venice or having a drink on a pier in Columbia?

Another SAC student says, “I remember getting my passport and being ready to see a new view of how people live.”

There are also different kinds of trip you can go on according to The Blonde Abroad. Solo Travel, Female Travel, Adventure Travel, Luxury Travel, Eco Travel and even Volunteer Travel. Traveling alone can be empowering, connecting with others, and sharing experiences with others. It brings a new sense of life and virtue. Going to different places can be overwhelming at times, but from my experiences from traveling I got to open my eyes to a different world everywhere I went. At times, it felt like a culture shock, and other times it felt like that is where I belonged.

Overtime, I didn’t forget where I came from and who I grew up with, but it was ultimately a test to see how much my mind could expand to other opportunities. Dr. Seuss has a famous saying, “oh the places you’ll go,” and many of us take that with us every day because our life takes us somewhere new every day.

Traveling is not a “way out” of college, but a way into a whole new adventure. Keep in mind, everyone decides to choose their own path and what they want to do in their lives. Ultimately, I say, GO FOR IT!

Do something crazy and wild. There is only one life, and it’s this one. Take that jump, and take yourself somewhere you have always wanted to go explore.