Digital Collective club seeks new members



President of the Digital Collective club Ben Neessen hopes to help students gain professional connections through the club.


The Digital Collective club, run by club president Ben Neessen, is looking to revitalize the club and entice new members with opportunities for networking and skill development.  

Neessen reflected on the previous year and the amount of members participating. It had been centered around video production in the past, but this year Neessen plans to shift the focus of the group and “give it a new life.” 

“The two other students had graduated or left the club entirely. So it was solely me. It was… wow,” Neessen said.

“The purpose (of this club)is it’s a social and networking club for all students who have an interest in creative media or digital communication. It’s just a way to sort of help them develop the skills that they’ll need in the future for employers, as well as (for) creative media people.” 

The club aims to guide students through networking with professionals and building the necessary digital skills for future employment in these fields. 

Neessen has some strong goals for the year. “We’ll be hoping to speak with industry professionals, as well as organize an industry hub in local businesses in the Cedar Valley area. That’ll help teach students the different traits that they should develop for employers, as well as develop skills as a group to help us all become greater and more proficient artists.” 

Some of the industry professionals they plan to connect with include Spinutech and Mudd Advertising, as well as SPLICE which is located in Minneapolis. These are great networking opportunities for students interested in, or passionate about, this field. 

The Digital Collective club is revamped this year with many opportunities for the students involved. The club currently has around 10 members, but are hoping to gain many more prospects. No prior knowledge is necessary. 

“We are made up primarily of digital media production students, as well as interactive digital studies,” Neessen said. “We are open for all students who have an interest.”

The club will be speaking with industry professionals through the semester and into next and is a great opportunity for students to gain professional connections and guidance for employment in the future.
If students are interested in joining, contact Ben Neessen via email at [email protected].