UNI’s contract with Coke, Atlantic Bottling


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UNI created a 10-year contract with Coca-Cola in 2018. The contract helps increase revenue for the university.


Some Pepsi loving students may have noticed when buying beverages around campus that only Coca-Cola’s products are available for purchase.

In July 2018, UNI signed a 10-year contract with Coca-Cola’s mother company Atlantic Bottling. By signing, UNI agreed to only sell and provide Coke products on campus along with only allowing university funds to be spent on Coke products off campus.

While choosing a sort of ultimatum may seem like an interesting choice for a university that is otherwise filled with diversity, it actually has numerous benefits for both the school itself along with on-campus student organizations. By sticking with Coca-Cola alone, the university is able to take full advantage of the benefits offered by the company.

One of the most important benefits is the funding given to UNI every year. This money includes part of the commission from vending machine sales along with other money from the company itself.

While a portion goes towards the university for general funding, the rest gets split up mainly between the organizations that bring in the most money to Coke itself. Two huge beneficiaries of this are the dining program and athletics. Other groups that benefit from this are Northern Iowa Student Government, Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center, Student Life and more.

However, the benefits can also be reaped in a more personal way as well. The contract creates the opportunity for a UNI student to be hired by Coke’s national program as a student ambassador. This allows the student to serve their home campus here in Cedar Falls along with taking part in national activities as well.

While the contract does have numerous positive outcomes for people on campus, it also affects more than just everyday living on campus for students. All UNI catered events on or off campus are also Coke-only, meaning Pepsi products or otherwise cannot be provided by the university.

While Pepsi-lovers may be disappointed they can’t walk to Biscotti’s or 23rd Street Market and pick up their favorite pop, this Coca-Cola contract easily makes up for it in student and university benefits. Not only does it benefit the student body as a whole, it gives assistance and opportunities to organizations on campus along with that one lucky student who gets the chance to work side by side with the multi-billion dollar company.

The contract between UNI and Atlantic Bottling promotes huge benefits for UNI and its students over the next several years. The contract will end in June 2028, marking the completion of the 10 -year agreement.