The new Coke Zero – is it worth the change?



Coke has been a brand thats been around for quite awhile and continues to make a presence in peoples live.

SAMANTHA GOODMAN, Opinion Columnist

People don’t always like change. In fact, 62% of people don’t leave their comfort zone or do so sel- domly. So, knowing this, why do companies change dominant aspects of their brand, for example, their recipe?

For those who would never be caught with a Pepsi-Cola can in their home, April 23, 1985, was a life-changing day. This was the day that Coca- Cola changed its recipe, arguably one of the biggest risks ever taken. There was talk about the new taste across the world. Some Coca-Cola drinkers shift- ed to Pepsi-Cola products while others learned to like the “New Coke,” as they didn’t have much of a choice.

Over time, people adjusted to the “New Coke” taste as it became Coke’s identity. Variations including Diet Coke and Coke Zero were added to appeal to people needing less sugar or calories, or simply those who pre- ferred the different taste. Coke drinkers were learn- ing to love the recipes being used until recently.

Coca-Cola did it again, changing the recipe of a well-loved soft drink, this time changing Coke Zero’s recipe. The news shook the media last sum- mer and frightened Coke lovers. Anytime a major brand makes a statement of change, they know the repercussions com- ing. Consumers often get attached to brands, and one can never count on the average consumer to have an open mind when change is coming, but I’d like to think I am different in this case.

I was never a big soft drink drinker myself, and still don’t consider myself to be, but Coke Zero was especially not my go-to soft drink of choice grow- ing up. However, when my dad began to have it on hand in our garage and

at his office, the taste of a cold can just sound- ed so refreshing. In the summer, we would grab lunch together. While staring at the soft-drink fountain pondering which soft drink to choose, my dad would beat me to it and fill his cup with Coke Zero. It, again, sounded so good, so I followed suit. It wasn’t long before Coke Zero became a craving of mine and my first choice.

With the new recipe change, I’m not sure if Coke Zero will continue to be my top choice. I haven’t tried it yet, as I have to finish the stock of the old recipe I still have. However, when I do, will I leave the Coke Zero fan group? Will I become a new junkie? Will I be able to tell the difference? I guess I will have to give the “New Coke Zero” a chance sometime soon and be able to say for myself if change is good.

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