Day of the Dead Festival to be hosted at UNI



Co-vice president of the Multicultural Theatrical Society Julie Matta (above) is a coordinator for a Day of the Dead Festival on Nov. 1 at the Bertha Martin Theatre.

NIXSON BENITEZ, Executive Editor

On Monday, Nov. 1, UNIdos and Multicultural Theatrical Society (MTS) will be hosting a Day of the Dead festival at the Bertha Martin Theatre from 6-8 p.m. The Day of the Dead Festival aims to educate those who aren’t familiar with the tradition, but also to remember the ones that have been lost. This tradition originated in Mexico and goes through Nov. 1-2 and is celebrated throughout all of Latin, Central and Southern America. 

“This event not only encourages visibility for Latin students, but also honor,” co-vice president  of MTS Julie Matta said. “Growing up, I was taught to honor those who came before me. We must value those who’s stories came before ours, as they carry on through us. Being taught that our past is what ultimately makes our future selves and that we can go forward in doing so, carrying the weight of the souls who have passed not with sadness, but pride.” 

Matta is one of the coordinators of the event and aims to represent her community and ensure that they are reflected in the spaces of higher education. The event has been in the works for over a month and will include a variety of stations in the festival from food, music and an ofrenda.

An ofrenda is a sacred space where people can bring pictures of their loved ones and have them displayed on a table with food, candles and vibrant colors. The purpose of an ofrenda is to welcome back those who are deceased and for families to spend time with their ancestors spiritually. 

  Students around campus are encouraged to attend the event to celebrate and learn about the Day of The Dead.

  “I hope to encourage others to invite others’ world views. Not only in an educational sense but personally as well. As a Latina woman, I hold my identity very close to me. It is the reason I speak the way I do, think the way I do, and overall do what I do. It is important to be seen the way you are, in all the beauty that it may come in,” Matta said.