Get out of your hometown



Most of us leave out hometowns to come to college, but what about the ones that never move away and stay in their childhood home?

SAMANTHA GOODMAN, Opinion Columnist

Moving to a new city, state or country after college seems to be a normal item to cross off a checklist for many recent graduates. However, it may seem scary or risky to others. Living on your own may be a completely new concept and experience. Add in living by yourself in a completely new city and you may be ready to call up your parents and ask if your childhood bedroom is available. Whatever fears you may have regarding moving somewhere new, place them in the back of your mind because there is so much more out there than the same town you’ve lived in your whole life.

If you’ve grown up in the same town your entire life, it may be nice to be comfortable with your surroundings, but does any part of you want that little bit of novelty? 

Personally, I’ve lived in the Des Moines suburbs from kindergarten through high school and continually traveled back and forth from Cedar Falls to Des Moines throughout my college years. I was lucky for my education, experiences and opportunities. If I was to raise a family in Iowa, I would choose to do so where I grew up. While I enjoyed my time in that part of the state and know first-hand how great the area is, I know there’s more out there I want to experience. 

I traveled to many different places and states growing up and always imagined what life would be like for a person who actually lives on the beach, in the mountains, or — a true dream of mine — somewhere with no snow. I will soon get to live out that dream and see what it’s like to live a life like that.

Next summer, I will be moving to Arizona. When I share that with people, I often get asked, “Why Arizona?” To be honest, I really don’t have valid reasons other than it doesn’t snow, my fiance can golf year-round and it just sounds really fun, but I then reply, “Why not Arizona?” When something feels as right as this does and intrigues you to want to uproot your life, you go for it. You don’t let the opinions of others sway you to miss out on an opportunity to try something new.

It may seem risky or reckless in the eyes of others, but I figure that now is as good a time as any to take advantage of an opportunity such as this. Your time right after college is the best time to move to a new place because, for many, you won’t have a job to quit and find a new one, you may not have planted family roots, your obligations may be limited, and your time may be freer. 

Everyone’s lives are different and have different responsibilities, so your path to moving to a new area may look different and that is okay. However, if you are looking for a sign to change up your life and move somewhere new, take this as your sign. Start saving your money, researching states, and networking with employers and people in the destination of your choice because now is the time to pack up and “Get out of Dodge.”