Raygun to open location in Cedar Falls

Raygun, the locally famous t-shirt shop offering midwest themed witty merchandise, will open a location on Cedar Falls’ Main Street.


“The Greatest Store in the Universe” is coming to Main Street this spring

After years of setbacks and waiting, the locally popular clothing company Raygun will be moving into a location on Main Street in Cedar Falls this spring. Their other locations include Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Chicago, Kansas City, Des Moines and Omaha. 

According to Raygun’s website, the store is “a printing, design & clothing company owned and operated by extremely attractive Midwesterners,” offering witty t-shirts and merchandise aimed at midwesterners with a wry sense of humor. The company also sells merchandise encouraging activism and political involvement. 

Raygun will open at 205 Main Street a block from the Blackhawk Hotel and Cedar River. Raygun will be sharing the store location with Vinyl Cup Records whose mission is to “connect people over great music and brew.”

Raygun had attempted to open a location in Cedar Falls in 2012 and 2018, however setbacks pertaining to renting a space and the COVID-19 pandemic hindered their opening. 

“We’re excited to be a small part of the phenomenal Waterloo-Cedar Falls-UNI-Cedar Valley-Edge-Of-The-Driftless community,” Raygun’s blog stated.