Managing Editor bids adieu after two and a half years with the NI


Emma Koehler

Karla De Bruin, Managing Editor for the NI, says farewell to the newspaper.

KARLA DE BRUIN, Managing Editor

My time at the Northern Iowan has been amazing. I truly feel like I got to be on the sidelines of history here at UNI. I started working here in Nov. 2019, so I got to be here during COVID-19. I got to experience how the university handled COVID-19 and then how we reported on it. 

Although I am not a writer (hello, graphic design diploma), I’ve had the opportunities to report on so many amazing things happening on campus. Luckily, we have an amazing staff that can edit anything. Shout out to Caroline Christensen, Erin Kamp and Sophie Hoffmeier for editing my work and always being so kind and helpful. I’ve learned so much from all of you about writing and editing! 

But I’ve been able to learn more about GBPAC, Traditions Keepers and so much more. Just one of the many highlights would be Sister Cindy coming to visit in September. I’m also honored to win honorable mention with Caroline Christensen for the article. 

I also got to interview the 2022-2023 NISG President, Leila Masinovic for Women’s History Month. It was so cool to talk to someone who is making history at UNI and will make an impact on campus. 

I’ve been able to take pictures at some amazing events, such as the Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally, the Alumni House (along with many buildings on campus) and the Men’s Basketball game against Loyola when they won the Missouri Valley Conference. 

I couldn’t have done any of these things without thanking a few people.

First, and most importantly, my parents, Irv and Anne De Bruin. They have helped me through college, emotionally and financially – I would not be here without you. 

You’ve supported me through so much these past few years. 

I love calling you every week or coming home and telling you all the crazy stuff I’ve been doing at UNI and the NI.  I hope to one day pay you back somehow (I need a job first). I wouldn’t be graduating college without you, I love you both. 

To Emma Koehler, the new Managing Editor, I’m so excited for your time to shine at the NI. I’ve enjoyed getting to work with you these past few months. You are going to be great here! You already fit in and I think you will make an impact at the NI. Just remember I’m always a text away.

To Chris Martin, thank you for being a great advisor. You have been doing a great job taking over during COVID. We are all so grateful for you. You’ve been our advocate for so many things – like getting a new printer! You really care about the NI and its future. I’m excited to see the awesome changes that are coming! 

To the current NI staff Caroline Christensen, Katie Crow, Sophie Hoffmeier, Colin Horning and Nixson Benitez. It has been a pleasure to work with you all! I’ve enjoyed our time in the offices on Sunday and Wednesday afternoons. I always looked forward to Wednesday afternoons. It was the boost in my week that I needed. You were all the content I needed. I’ve enjoyed making fun Tik Toks with you all! We need to make one soon for Hurling Hatchets!! 

To the new NI staff Mallory Schmitz, David Warrington, Sophie Hoffmeier, Diamond Roundtree and Nixson Benitez. I’m so excited for you all to enjoy the NI! I know you are all going to have so much fun! It might be stressful at times, but I hope you enjoy Wednesday and Sunday afternoons. It’s so exciting to have the inside scoop of UNI. You guys get to tell the stories of so many students and faculty on campus. You truly make an impact for students here. 

So as I leave, I will miss this beautiful campus where I can walk from Kamerick to Maucker Union in five minutes (sometimes longer depending on the wind). It brings tears to my eyes thinking about everything I’ve done here, I’ve done so many amazing things like: climbing the rock wall at 10:30 p.m. (S/O to the Salt Company), going inside the campanile, many hours in Kamerick, sitting in an adirondack on a beautiful spring day on Lawther field, seeing our men’s basketball team win the Missouri Valley Conference (spertz!), and meeting so many amazing people. And most of those things happened because of the NI. The NI has made such a big impact on me, and it’s weird to think that I’m just a small part of this 120 year history. 

Signed, Karla DeBruin