Executive editor welcomes new panthers to UNI


Nixson Benitez is a senior studying digital media journalism with a minor in web development. Benitez looks up to journalists Ida B. Wells and author Shaun King.

Nixson Benitez, Executive Editor

Welcome new and returning Panthers! I want to happily welcome you to your first couple days on campus and know the Northern Iowan is glad to have you a part of this community. My name is Nixson Benitez and I am the executive editor for the 2022-2023 academic year. I am from Des Moines, Iowa and I am a proud Salvadoran! I am also a really huge sneakerhead and enjoy talking about shoes, fashion and music.

Our newsroom has a huge role in our community, as we inform you on the events going around campus – including news that have a huge effect on our students. My role in the newsroom entails leading projects and  listening to students like you about things going on  around campus. 

I am really excited not only for the start of this semester, but the projects our team will be launching. This year is especially unique compared to any other year because the Northern Iowan will be celebrating its 130th anniversary. There are not many organizations that get to see 130 years, and our team would like to celebrate  and have you join us when we launch our golden issue and celebration event! 

I am also really looking forward to working with our Managing Editor, Emma Koehler, News Editor Mallory Schmitz, Campus Life Editor Diamond Roundtree, Sports Editor David Warringtion and Spanish Editor Mayra Villanueva.

Our team’s mission this year is to support student voices and intentionally bring our best craft forward to better inform the Panther community. We strive for the most effective, efficient, concise and honest news in each of our issues. 

Our values include:


Making our information accessible to the Panther community.


Drive to produce and go above and beyond. Our team is focused on producing and putting the best quality forward!


We aim to be united between the newsroom and community, accepting everyone’s differences and uniting as one. 

Empowering voices

We support our student journalists and empower those voices internally and externally.


Our team aims to promote communication between the community, editors and departments on our campus!

Our team works tirelessly to produce the best content possible. If you feel there is something missing, feel free to email us a tip, or if you would like to express an opinion on things going on in our current climate, email me at [email protected] and I would be happy to work with you in setting up an op-ed. 

For now, please enjoy our student guide and the variety of content that will help you through your first couple weeks. Not only will you hear from student leaders and faculty, but also some of the best foods and spots around Cedar Falls and Waterloo! I would highly recommend trying out Cottonwood Canyon, specifically the Jamerican grilled cheese! Let them know that I sent you!

This year, is truly an exciting year and our editors and reporters are ready to inform you on what’s going around campus. Stay tuned and we will keep you Panthers on the prowl for news!