A new season of on-stage spectacles at the GBPAC



The Gallagher Bluedorn’s Great Hall houses incredible performances year-round ranging from student music groups to local performances to world-class acts.


The Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center has a jam-packed Fall 2022 Artist Series, bringing a new season of opportunities for world-class entertainment to UNI students and the Cedar Valley community.

Chris Hale, the marketing manager at the Gallagher Bluedorn, describes the season saying, “We have a lot of different shows that speak to everyone’s individual interests, and I think most of our seasons do that, but this season especially does that with the wide array of programs we have, starting off strong with “Hairspray,” which is a memorable show that’s now on national tour again.”

Hale continues, “I think with many Gallagher Bluedorn seasons we try to understand that in the Cedar Valley we have a lot of audiences, and by that I mean we have kindergarteners who come in for the Kaleidoscope [Series] shows and the family shows, all the way through folks who might be later in life living in retirement communities coming to see shows like the “Million Dollar Quartet” because they grew up listening to Elvis and Johnny Cash.”

The complete Fall 2022 Artist Series is as follows:

-“Hairspray” (Sept. 13 and 14)

-Paul Reiser (Sept. 24)

-Anat Cohen Quartentinho (Oct. 15)

-Disney’s “Winnie the Pooh” (Oct. 18)

-“Jesus Christ Superstar” (Oct. 24 and 25)

-Ailey II (Nov. 6)

-“Million Dollar Quartet: Christmas” (Nov. 19)

“I think of it lovingly like a hodgepodge of shows, but that’s intentional so everyone, no matter who they are or what their interests are, feels like they can see something onstage that they connect to or that they can enjoy,” Hale adds.

Hale hopes that students in particular resonate with the Broadway staple that kicks off the series: “Hairspray.” 

“It kicks off our season, but it kicks off the school year too, so when students get through their first two or three weeks of classes, and they’re feeling the stress starting to creep in a little bit, why not take an evening on a Tuesday or Wednesday night to just sit back, relax and experience world class comedy and a great Broadway show right here on campus.”

Hale is also anticipating the arrival of the Ailey II modern dance company.  “Alvin Ailey is a prolific dance figure in modern dance. He’s really revolutionary in making sure that the arts and especially dance are accessible for all people, especially marginalized folks who might not have access, so I think having a show like Ailey II representing this prolific figure in the community is really special, and I personally am really excited for it because he has a really unique style of choreography.”

This year, the Gallagher Bluedorn has increased the number of free UNI student tickets from two per year to two each semester. Tickets for this season are on sale now and can be purchased in-person at the ticket office at the GBPAC or online at gbpac.com/upcomingevents.  

The GBPAC also currently has opportunities for student employment. Hale says, “If students are ever wanting to work on campus, we definitely have positions open backstage with our stage hands or front of house with our valet or event managers. Students start at $12.50 an hour, so it’s a really good, flexible on-campus job since most of our programs are in the evening.”

At the end of the day, Hale is grateful for the art and culture the GBPAC is able to bring to Cedar Falls. “It’s a really wonderful opportunity to have world class entertainment right in our own backyard, so I really encourage students to step outside of their comfort zone and come see a show.”