‘DIS’ is the most wonderful way to get involved


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UNI’s Black Student Union will be hosting their 50th Anniversary Gala on Sept. 16. They host a variety of events, including last year’s BSU Poetry Slam pictured above.

Nixson Benitez, Executive Editor

Week two of classes has started at UNI, with lots of preparation by students and faculty alike. The Center of Multicultural Education (CME) is coming out with a plan and set of opportunities for students this fall. The CME houses Gender and Sexuality Services, Military Veteran Affairs and the UNI Thrive mentoring and retention program. 

On Wednesday, Aug. 31, from 3-5 p.m. in the CME Classroom, there will be a Cones and Connections event bridging first year students to upperclassmen in a one on one mentorship. The program is seeking mentors who are looking to guide young Panthers in college; those interested can contact [email protected] about being a mentor or for more information! 

On Sept. 16 at 6 p.m. in Maucker Union Ballroom, the CME will be hosting the Black Student Union (BSU) 50th Anniversary Gala. The day after on Sept. 17, there will be a BSU alumni reunion in the CME with a free pass to the football game in the UNI-Dome against Sacramento State. To RSVP, visit alumni.uni.edu/bsu50 for both events. 

On Sept. 29, the Harvest conference will be coming back to UNI’s campus and will include 11 speakers from a variety of professions. Waterloo native Former NFL player JJ Moses and author of Salary Rich and Retirement Poor Kimbertly Jones will also be making a return appearance as the keynote speakers and both will hand out $500 scholarships. The conference will cover entrepreneurship, finances, unapologetically being LGBGTQIA+ and more! Students can register using the QR code below!

Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice (DIS) Chiquita Loveless expresses, “My main goal is to ensure that our students have a safe space on campus, and foster positivity to ensure that they are successful in all that they do.” 

She continued, “Students need to speak with someone that they’re comfortable with, they trust and they can rely on to have a voice for them when they can’t have a voice. So, I really would like to see our climate response team come back. That is one of the things I will be working on as well as with regards to programming. I believe we’re doing an outstanding job with regards to programming. Now it’s time for us to tap into the academic side.” 

Loveless and her team Multicultural Education Coordinator Maya Buchanan, Retention and Mentoring Coordinator Carlos F. Frazier, LGBTQ+ Student Services Coordinator Kalyani Kannan and the new Military & Veteran Student Services Coordinator Henry R. Korf will all have a part in programming and making sure students are successful. 

“When we have our events, our staff comes together. We are straight boots on the ground, because we’re all in support of benefiting our students and ensuring that they have the best of the best.” Loveless continues, “There are people out there waiting to help them and support them. [The students] have to get to a place where they understand that there’s a big world out there and they’re going to be prepared to go out and tackle it.” 

Buchanan echos everything loveless said and expresses, “Events like Cones and Connections, Hot Wings/Hot Topics, heritage month events and the Harvest Conference are important because they create equal access to varying opportunities, celebrate our identities and help develop connections and understanding of others.”

“I would like to see all of you here. African Americans, Latinx Muslims, our indigenous students, our Asian students– come on over to the CME. We’re here to support you and provide the resources you need. We’re here to celebrate you each and every day.” Loveless emphasized.