UNI celebrates National Transfer Student Week



Transfer Advocacy and Involvement Group (TAIG) meets biweekly and gives transfer students opportunities to make connections with each other as a way to provide support.

TREVOR MEYERS, Photographer

This week, Oct. 17 to 21, is National Transfer Student Week. This week is recognized by universities throughout the country to build awareness for transfer students and the diverse population within this group, along with the challenges and adversities that they may face.  

Transfer students are one of the most diverse groups of college students when it comes to their academic careers. 

According to Olivia Umbaugh, one of the transfer coordinators at UNI,  by promoting and advocating for transfer students, we can show that not every student needs to start at a large institution. No matter where students began their education, every type of transfer student deserves to be advocated for and a chance to flourish, she expressed. 

UNI Transfer Admissions and other parts of the university strive to advocate for the success of transfer students, as one third of the student body is made up of transfer students in almost any major or program that the university offers. 

Just this fall, UNI welcomed over 700 new incoming transfer students to the university. 

Umbaugh also talked about the Transfer Center where her office is located. 

“We are a great resource if students have questions about their transfer credits or having difficulty with it,” she said. 

“We are Transfer Admissions, so if we don’t have all the answers, we can help get students pointed in the right direction.” 

The Transfer Center is located in Gilchrist Hall, right by the admissions office and public safety. 

At UNI, roughly 50 percent of all transfer students come in with their associates degree, 46 percent of transfer students are first generation and the average age of a UNI transfer student is 23. 

Although many students may not consider themselves transfer students as they started at UNI as a freshman,  87 percent of all students at the university have at least some transfer credits before attending the university. 

For any transfer students looking to connect with other transfers, UNI offers TAIG. TAIG stands for Transfer Advocacy Involvement Group. They meet biweekly and host social events throughout the semester for transfer students. Their next meeting will be Wednesday, Oct. 19 at 6 p.m. in the University Room at Maucker Union, where they will be having their Halloween festival. 

This week on Tuesday, Oct. 18, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the ScholarSpace at Rod Library, pizza and treats will be served along with giveaways for transfer students to celebrate their accomplishments as a transfer student here at UNI. The event is hosted by the Department of Student Success and Retention.