BREAKING: TikTok star Jax coming to GBPAC



Jax, known for her body-positive lyrics, grew her fame on TikTok. She will be giving a concert at the GBPAC on Nov. 16 for CAB’s annual fall concert.

NIXSON BENITEZ, Executive Editor

On Nov. 16, at 8 p.m., TikTok social media star Jax will be coming to the Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center as this fall’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) concert. Singer and rapper Charlie Finch, also known as “Charlieonnafriday,” will also join Jax as the concert opener. Tickets will be available as of today. Tickets can only be claimed by students at UNItix. Each student can get two tickets, one for themselves and the other for a guest. The first 200 students to get their ticket will receive a complimentary gift. 

“We are so excited to bring Jax to UNI! She has such an inspiring message that many of us can connect to and we can’t wait to see her perform. It’s going to be a great time and we are so pumped for the students!” Valerie Beary, CAB director of operations said.

Jax has a song called “Victoria’s Secret,” but the secret that Jax exposes is that the owner is an “old man” living in Ohio, who, as the song states, is, “making money off of girls like me, cashing in on body issues.”

“[The song] encourages body positivity and the fact that all bodies are beautiful, knocking down the idea of Victoria’s Secret as it is a toxic company,” Creative Content Director of CAB Lanie Weber said. “I am excited for this artist specifically as in the past we had more nostalgic artists and this artist is more relevant, and this will be a nice new energy,” she said.