NISG October updates

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  • NISG President Leila Masinovic and Vice President Micaiah Krutsinger gather by the campanile during the Our Tomorrow campaign celebration in early October.

  • NISG ended up taking third place in the Traditions Challenge Amazing Race during the week leading up to Homecoming. Aside from participating in campus festivities, the student government has been busy approving funding for student organizations, passing resolutions to recognize important weeks and more.

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NI Staff, NI Editors

From Homecoming to the launch of the Our Tomorrow campaign, Northern Iowa Student Government (NISG) has had a busy and productive month of October. A brief summary of what NISG has accomplished this past month is included below.


Our Tomorrow Campaign Launch

The Our Tomorrow campaign was officially launched at the beginning of October in order to raise money for various renovations around campus and student success. 70% of the $250 million campaign has already been raised.

Groovy Homecoming Celebrations

NISG participated in UNI’s grooviest Homecoming to date by running in the Amazing Race hosted by CATS, (somehow placing third even after Chief Justice Parker Daniels hurled up two of his energy drinks), and handed out sweet treats under the Campanile to students, as well as walked in the Homecoming Parade.   

New Board of Regent Member 

NISG members met with new Board of Regents member JC Risewick who was appointed by Gov. Reynolds on June 21, 2022. NISG representatives discussed the needs of students, including increased mental health resources and reduced tuition costs with Risewick.

New NISG Members

NISG welcomed a new Director of Athletic Affairs, Jaylie Hicklin, and a new Associate Justice, Danny Stewart.

Student Organization Funding Requests Approved by NISG:

Phi Kappa Alpha

Alpha Sigma Tau

Morgan’s Message

Panther Soccer Prowlers

Make the Change

Asian Student Union

Tau Chi

Criminology Club

Entrepreneur Club

Women’s Rugby Club

Resolutions Passed Recognizing:

Latine Heritage Month

Indiginous People’s Day

National Transfer Student Week

International Open Access Week

Open Board of Directors Positions 

NISG is looking for applicants for the following positions. If interested, apply at under the applications tab.

Director of Alumni Relations

Director of Accessibility Services

Director of LGBTQ+ Affairs

Cedar Falls City Council Liaison

Director of Graduate Life

Director of Civic Engagement 

Open Senate Seats 

NISG is also looking for Senators to apply for Senate seats. The Senate is part of the Legislative Branch of NISG and makes up the largest branch of student government. The Senate gives students the opportunity to make meaningful change on UNI’s campus for years to come. Previous Senators have implemented initiatives like extended mental health services, lobbying efforts at the State Capitol, and even niche projects like clothing drives.

Apply at under the applications tab.