Jax takes the stage at CAB’s 2022 Fall Concert



Jax currently has over 12.7 million followers on TikTok. For the concert, she performed a combination of original songs and covers.


Campus Activities Board (CAB) never fails to give students exciting and fun events, and their 2022 Fall CAB Concert was no exception. This year’s concert hosted Jax, a pop singer who quickly gained popularity on TikTok and is most famous for her hit song, “Victoria’s Secret.” The concert took place on Nov. 16 in GBPAC, and students had a blast. 

Josh Bulten, who is CAB’s campus programs coordinator, said the concert was a success. “Jax was a great performer, sang really well and was great with engaging the audience. She even brought a few students on stage with her, including a young girl who sang ‘Victoria’s Secret’ with her,” said Bulten. 

Bulten’s position, which he started in July, has him in charge of recruiting and training the CAB team, along with helping them develop events for students. Bulten explained how CAB picks an artist each year and how much time goes into planning the event. 

“We had a short list [of potential artists] that was developed based on student input, pricing, initial availability, etc.. We then took that list to a committee within CAB and did a vote. Through that vote we ranked our list and began reaching out to the artists with offers. We landed on Jax. Often, due to budget and wanting to keep the concerts free to students, our artists have past their prime with regards to popularity. One reason we were so excited about Jax was because we thought she hadn’t hit her prime yet and would continue to grow,” he said. 

CAB concerts take a long time to plan, so artists are picked anywhere from three to 12 months prior to the show. Bulten also added that students can reach out to him if they have any ideas on events or potential artists for future concerts, and to keep an eye out for CAB’s Spring 2023 schedule, which will be coming out before break.

Lanie Weber, a fourth year interactive digital studies major with a communications minor, is the creative content director for CAB and has been with the organization since May of 2021. 

Weber expressed her joy about being a part of CAB and how much she enjoyed Jax’s performance. “It was really fun! Jax was amazing. She was so professional and so fun to watch and perform up on stage. She had so much energy and interacted with the audience a lot. She brought a little girl up on stage to sing with her, who did an incredible job,” Weber said. 

Weber then explained that the best part of being a member of CAB isn’t just the fun events they host, but the supportive and fun community. “I really enjoy the friendships I’ve made through CAB. I’ve made a lot of really close friends and I love the support I get from my executive team and Josh. Overall all the events are super fun to go to, but nothing beats what a supportive community it is,” she said.

CAB will be sure to put on another great concert next year, but for those who would like to potentially be a part of the planning, Weber explained that applications will come out in the spring, so be sure to keep an eye out. For more information on CAB and its events, check out their Instagram page @uni_cab and be sure to go to whatever next fun event CAB has planned for UNI.