The Spanish Editor bids adieu 


*English translation

My time working with the Spanish Column has been amazing because it has helped me make connections in UNI as well as outside the campus. 

I started working with the NI in February, and now it has been two semesters. Since it is now time to do my student teaching and graduate, it is also time to say goodbye to the newspaper and the Spanish column. 

Working with the Spanish column I learned so much about journalism and also had the opportunity to write about topics of my interests and about the Latino community here on campus and in Iowa. As the Spanish editor position, I was forced to get out of my comfort zone; I went to events, took pictures and talked to students and professors. I think it has also made me grow personally, and it was a good experience for me. 

One of the experiences that I will always remember is when we attended a Collegiate Journalism Conference in Minneapolis and we were able to create memories as a group. 

This year was a big one for UNI as an institution and for NI’s 130th anniversary. I feel grateful for being a part of it because it has impacted me greatly. 

I am greatly thankful to my colleague and Salvadoran paisano (we are both from Central America), Nixson Benitez for this opportunity and always believing in my abilities, and also for creating the Spanish Column in the newspaper, otherwise I would not be here. I also thank him for being my mentor. 

I am also thankful to the whole editorial staff who have worked with me and also the advisors who have given me different perspectives of a story. I also had the opportunity to work closely with Mallory Schmitz collaborating and laying out the stories in Spanish. 

I am excited for the new Spanish Editor and I know that it is in great hands. I believe that she is going to enjoy working with the team and have the opportunity to share her stories with others at UNI, and I hope that she makes unforgettable connections and memories. Sometimes it will be stressful, but I know it will be fine. Good luck and remember that you can count on me for anything that you might need. 

I am sad thinking about not being here on campus everyday, especially in the library, and I am also sad to leave Cedar Falls, which has been my home for almost three years and where I have met so many amazing people that are part of my life. 

Before coming to UNI I did not think I was going to find the connections and the people that I have found, and I did not think about how much they have changed my perspective of the world. 

-Mayra Villanueva