Election Results: Taking your ABC’s into 2023 and 2024



Micaiah Krutsinger and Liz Montalvo will be your 2023-2024 student body president and vice president.

NIXSON BENITEZ, Executive Editor

With an 18.7% margin, Micaiah Krutsinger and Liz Montalvo will be your 2023-2024 student body president and vice president. This year’s voter turnout is three times higher in comparison to 2021, according to Northern Iowan Student Government (NISG) Chief Justice Parker Daniels. About 12% of the student body voted in this year’s election — this includes both part-time and full-time students based on spring enrollment. 

A total of 945 votes were casted, with 700 of those votes being cast on Tuesday, Feb. 21. With the ice storm affecting university business and operations, 200 votes were reported on Wednesday.


Sam and Christelle 

382 votes with 40.4 %


Micaiah and Liz 

559 votes with 59.1%

Other write-in candidates: .04% 

On Instagram, Sam Caughron and Christelle Tungu made a statement formally congratulating Krutsinger and Montalvo on their win. 

“Even though Christelle and I will not be serving in the roles we had imagined, both of us will continue to serve the student body and work our hardest to implement the changes you all deserve to see. Will continue to show up for you, day in and day out. This is our new pact, from us to you,” Caughron and Tungu said on their Instagram. 

Krutsinger and Montalvo thanked Caughron and Tungu as well for their hard work for the past two weeks.  

“With the engagement both campaigns showed with the student body, we are looking forward to continuing this engagement next year within NISG,” Krutsinger and Montalvo said from their official Instagram page. 

College Elections 

For the College of Business no senate candidates were running, and no write-in candidates were made, leaving three vacant seats unfilled. 

For the College of Education no senate candidates were running for these seats and there were no write-in candidates. The senate seats remain unfilled. 

For the College of Humanities Arts and Sciences: Geneva Bell received 89.8% with a total of 265 responses. James Carolus received 56.3% with a total of 166 total responses.  About 4.4% of the votes went to the other category, but they weren’t sufficient enough to offer a seat. Two of the seats are now filled and the other two remain vacant. 

For the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Caleb Gehle received 76.2% with a total of 147 total responses, and Cooper Messina received 62.2% with a total of 120 responses. The last candidate, Joshua Walsh received 54.9% with a total of 106 responses. Anna Singelstad got 3% of the vote with five total responses. It only takes five people to write-in a candidate to earn them a seat, according to Daniels. All four candidates filled their seats leaving zero vacancies. 

For the graduate college, two senate seats are left vacant. The same goes for the interdisciplinary and exploratory college.