Resources on campus to help students finish strong


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UNI’s campus offers a lot of valuable study sports, such as the ground level of Sabin pictured above. As midterms approach, students are encouraged to take advantage of the Learning Center and other resources at Rod Library.


As midterms quickly approach, students may find themselves in a panic to perform well and improve their grades.

Students can start preparing through many different means. The Office of Academic Advising offers several suggestions on little ways students can start preparing from the beginning. Students can start by knowing how to check their midterm grades, which can be accessed on Blackboard or through MyUNIverse. The Office of Academic Advising also suggests working on your study habits. Try creating a study group with your classmates, prepare for tests sooner by reflecting on what strategies worked well and avoid cramming to ensure a good night’s sleep.

There are many resources available to assist students with their scholarly goals. “Never doubt reaching out; we are here to help!” says Heather Harbach, vice president of Student Life. Student Life at UNI is dedicated to helping students succeed. Students who are unsure of what help they need should check in with their academic advisors, who are knowledgeable about the resources available on campus and what might be the best option. Harbach also suggests doing something as simple as asking your classmates, as they may be aware of resources that you didn’t know about. Students can also talk to their professors during office hours or after classes to ask questions and prepare. 

Located on the main floor of Rod Library, The Learning Center is a great resource to students seeking a tutor. Here, students can get help preparing for tests, drafting and revising papers and essays, developing reports, creating a study plan and learning to study more effectively. “Students come to our desk on the main floor of Rod Library and ask for help with a specific course or skill. We will then direct students to a tutor who has completed that coursework or has knowledge in a particular skill,” says Dylan Hasse, a graduate assistant for The Learning Center. Multiple subjects are offered with walk-in tutoring. All students currently enrolled at UNI can access this resource free of charge. For students who cannot attend in-person tutoring, there is an online resource available called Smarthinking at for online and distance learners to access. “Our tutors at The Learning Center at Rod Library are fellow students. They want to help other students, and they won’t judge you for asking a question that might feel silly,” says Hasse.

Students receiving accommodations through Student Accessibility Services can reach out to them to explore accommodation options or just for additional support.  “I always encourage students to connect with SAS if something isn’t going well with their academics or they just feel unsure,” says Tiffany Dodd, assistant dean of students for Student Accessibility Services.

Midterms, or just school in general, can make students feel overwhelmed and stressed. It is important to remember the resources on campus committed to assisting the wellbeing of students. The Counseling Center is always an option for students who are struggling with their mental health. Students may also meet with wellness coaches and learn some strategies to make it through midterms week.

As midterms creep closer, it is important for students to keep the abundance of resources in mind to successfully finish out the first half of the semester.