Koehler bids farewell as Managing Editor



It was a monumental academic year for the Northern Iowan, especially during the 130th anniversary celebrations.

My time has come to say goodbye to the student publication that has built my journalism education here at UNI. I started at the Northern Iowan as a writer in the spring of 2021 and since then, I’ve taken on the roles of photographer and managing editor during my time here. It has brought me so many meaningful conversations, relationships and connections while at UNI. It is while working for the Northern Iowan that I have felt such a strong sense of pride to be a student journalist and be a part of the journalism industry. #AmericaNeedsJournalists

My highlights include reporting on Mikal Settle’s apparel feature in the bookstore, a recap of the Fast Forward Conference, a feature on student government, the April Fools issues and the layout designs of the 2022 Student Guide and NI’s 130th Anniversary issue. I have found great joy in managing the website and digital versions of the work the newsroom puts forward, despite the beast that is WordPress. I have developed a love for design and graphics alongside writing. The variety that comes with working for the Northern Iowan is what would kept going.

As cliche as it sounds, your college years really do fly by.


I can’t talk about my time with the Northern Iowan without mentioning the courses and professors that set me up for success both in and out of the newsroom. My first semester at UNI brought me the light and energy of Anelia Dimitrova. She was the first professor who I felt welcomed me with open arms into the Digital Media: Journalism Program and embraced who I was as a student journalist. She continues to be the best advisor, friend and motivator for me. My other amazing advisor, Chris Martin, is the best resource and support that helped me get through my education. I can’t forget about Scott Bredman, who encouraged me to step out of my major in pursuing other creative skillsets and is the kindest individual who truly listens to you. Special shoutout to my high school journalism teacher, Deanna Zmolek, who ignited my passion for journalism and continues to keep up with my success today. A giant thank you to you all, as I wouldn’t be here today without the role you have played in my journey at UNI.

Many evenings have been spent in the basement of Maucker laughing, lounging on the couch and even shedding some tears. A special thank you to Sophie Hoffmeier and Mallory Schmitz for getting me through the rough evenings! I also cannot fail to mention Steph Stark for his witty emails and great photography that truly made my job easy. Hoffmeier will do amazing things in the managing editor role for the next academic year and I’m so excited to see what she will accomplish alongside Caroline Christensen as executive editor.  I also know Schmitz and Stark will continue to do great things, along with the incoming executive team.

As cliche as it sounds, your college years really do fly by. I swear, I was just learning how to find my way around campus for the first time. However, there comes a time when you just feel ready to move on and say your goodbyes, for the next chapter of your life to begin, even if you don’t exactly know what’s next. That’s right where I am, and while it is bittersweet, it sits well with me to come to this moment of farewell. NI, thank you for everything.