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Violations noted for some Cedar Falls restaurants

Food inspectors regularly visit restaurants to ensure they are adhering to state code when it comes to cleanliness and food safety. 

The findings are reported by the Iowa Department of Inspections, Appeals and Licensing, which handles food-establishment inspections at the state level. Listed below are some of findings that stem from inspections at Cedar Falls restaurants over the past two months.

The state inspections department reminds the public that their reports are a “snapshot” in time, and violations are often corrected on the spot before the inspector leaves the establishment. 

Above are some of the most common violations that restaurants get during an inspection. (CAROLINE CHRISTENSEN)

Asian Fusion Vietnamese & Thai Cuisine

During a March 15 visit, an inspector noted eight violations. They observed raw shrimp, beef, and chicken stored above ready-to-eat lettuce which was corrected by moving the meat to the bottom shelf. Shell eggs were also stored above ready to eat produce, and the eggs were subsequently moved to the bottom shelf. According to state code, raw animal foods must be separated from raw ready-to-eat food. 

Additionally, the inspector observed bean sprouts and noodles sitting at room temperature above 41 degrees, homemade sauces missing date markings, and sauce in a crock pot held at 85 degrees. According to state code, sauce must be maintained at 135 degrees or above.

The inspector also noted cutting boards that had cut marks with staining, and a hand sink behind a bar area that was missing hand drying. The hand sink behind the bar was also missing signage and a spray bottle with yellow liquid was missing a label. All violations were corrected. 

Buffalo Wild Wings

On a March 13 visit, an inspector noted two violations at Buffalo Wild Wings in Cedar Falls. The first was a dish plate simulator reaching 144 degrees, and the second was a spray bottle missing a label. 

Bigfoot Betty’s

An inspector noted nine violations at Bigfoot Betty’s on a Feb. 28 visit.

They observed egg wash for breading stored at room temperature. According to code, foods like egg wash must be maintained at 41 degrees or below.

They also noted a slicer located downstairs in a prep area had dried food debris.

Homemade strawberry and raspberry sauces were held past seven days and chili had been held past seven days, dated at 2-19-24.

There was no handwashing signage available at the hand sink in the kitchen, and there was no soap, hot water or drying available. Additionally, there was a spray bottle in the kitchen area missing a label.

Taco Johns

On a Feb. 27 visit, the inspector noted one violation of black build up in the ice machine. 

Cooper’s Taproom & Grill

On a Feb. 14 visit, the inspector found 12 code violations at Coopers Taproom & Grill on College St.

They noted the person in charge does not have signed illness paperwork available, and they have yet to obtain food manager certification. 

They also had yet to develop a procedure for vomit/diarrhea cleanup.

The inspector also noted eggs above sauces which was corrected, and sauces in a prep cooler missing date information. 

They also observed the egg on the fried egg burger was undercooked and there was no reminder on the menu of the increased risk of foodborne illness due to consuming undercooked foods on the menu. 

There was grease build up on the prep cooler and food debris on a potato slicer and the debris was also present on clean plates.

Mop buckets and a serving tray blocked access to the hand sink, and the sink was missing signage. 

A spray bottle was also missing a label and chemicals were stored above packaged food products in the kitchen. 

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