Jeopardizing the Union



Two seemingly unlikely groups came together on Monday Sept. 28. The LGBT* Center and UNI Veterans Association teemed up to host a jeopardy-style trivia night, complete with giftcards.

Though the two groups may seem like an unusual combination to some, Emily Harsh, head of the LGBT* Center and graduate assistant for the Dean of Students, said that their idea was to reach out to all student groups.

The categories for the questions included: TV, music, 2000s, sports, UNI and strange facts. Freshman human resources and supply chain management major, Katie Donelan, was quick to express her disdain towards the tricky questions.

“Our group was really on the struggle bus,” Donelan said. “We ended up with about 1,200 points.”

However, even with the difficult questions, most were answered by at least someone in the room.

It resembled a game of Jeopardy, but with a few additions. The first was a chance for one team member per group to attempt to have a dance-off for 500 points.

The second addition was to attempt to recall everybody’s name in the room for 250 points. All the teams were successful in recalling people’s names.

The third was essentially the “Daily Double”; teams had to wager a certain amount of points and attempt to guess President Ruud’s full name.

There were snacks available, as well as free pens and water bottles, which were donated by the two clubs.

“I had so much fun,” Donelan said. “I’m not a part of either of these organizations, and they made everybody feel welcomed and included.”

The winners of the event were freshman social work major, De’Vine Winters, freshman deciding major, Hannah Scott and senior philosophy major, Hansen Breitling. They scored more than 3,000 points. They also got to choose between three $20 gift card-s — -one for Barnes & Noble and two for ZSavooz, a local bar and grill.