Panthers fall short of NDSU, 31-28


DYLAN PADY, Sports Editor | [email protected]

Another close-game loss for the Panthers happened this past Saturday against North Dakota State, giving UNI a 2-3 record.

Holding the lead for a majority of the game, the Panthers led 28-24 with two minutes left in the game. The Bison then proceeded to drive 79 yards down the field and, with 35 seconds left, topped it off with an 18-yard touchdown pass to end the game, 31-28.

The Bison turned the ball over three times, but it was not enough for the panthers to secure the win.

UNI lost the lead for the first time in the beginning of the fourth quarter but responded quickly with an 83-yard touchdown carry by Aaron Bailey.

Panther’s head coach, Mark Farley, had been preparing for the intensity of this game all week. Including a simulated crowd that progressively got louder each day of practice.

“This is going to be a pretty intense football game,” Farley said. “This is going to be a very hard hitting football game, because it always is. It is going to be in an intense environment. I’m concerned with how to defend them, how to attack them and the intensity of which we need to play.”    

Panther fans were able to watch the game at the Dome as a watch party was being held. The air in the Dome was intense for the first half of the game, leaving with not only heavy hearts, but also hungry for next weekend looking to come out on top.

The Panthers next game will be their Homecoming, the first home game after three weeks on the road. Facing off against Western Illinois, the panthers look to take home a win.

Western Illinois, currently 3-2, are undefeated at home but have yet to win a game on the road. This game will surely result in a battle of heart and who wants it more. Kickoff will start at 4:00 p.m. this Saturday at the UNI-Dome.