Fill up on Study Abroad



Students got a little taste of what studying abroad might be like at the “Around the World in 80 Plates” event on Tuesday. The event was hosted by the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and UNI Study Abroad.

The two organizations teamed up to serve foods from a variety of different countries and cultures, as well as provide some insight to those who might be interested in studying abroad this summer or upcoming school year. Booths were set up serving Arabic, Chilean, French, Brazilian, Thai, Indian, Chinese and Australian foods.

According to the director of Programming for the Residence Hall Association, Josh Oulick, the two organizations decided to put this event on to get students to expand their horizons, diversify themselves and get them interested in the study abroad program.

“Iowa isn’t very diverse,” Oulick said. “So it’s really beneficial to students to diversify themselves by coming to events like these.”

Oulick was impressed with the turnout of the event too. He mentioned that more than 80 people were in attendance and were raving about the food.

“The Thai egg rolls and soup were both hits,” Oulick said.

Senior communication disorders major, Lannon Noble, works as a peer advisor in the Study Abroad Center. She said the Study Abroad Center was more than happy to co-host this event and give out valuable information on studying abroad.

“We are trying to fill all the spots for this summer’s study abroad programs, as well as prepare for next semester’s programs,” Noble said.

Noble said, studying abroad is something everyone should experience first-hand. She spent two weeks in Greece last year through UNI’s study abroad program, and said she not only learned about the country, but she also uncovered things she never knew about herself.

“Viewing cultures that are outside your own is very important,” Noble said. “It’s a big world out there, and you have to view it in a perspective that is other than your own.”

One of the students who attended the event was sophomore public relations and interactive digital studies major, Trevor Rayhons.

Rayhons said his food of choice at the event were the macarons from France’s table. He decided to come to this event not only because he is involved in the Residence Hall Association, but also because he believes experiencing different cultures is important.

“UNI has been trying to be a more diverse campus,” Rayhons said. “And [UNI] has done so by having events like this one that encourages people to be more inclusive.”

Oulick mentioned that the RHA is holding an event from 5-6:30 p.m. tonight called, “Apps for Apps.”

Students interested in being more involved in RHA can grab an application and apply for an executive position in the organization, learn about what the association does and get a snack  while they’re at it.

According to Noble, the Study Abroad Center is excited for their next event to. They will be teaming up with UNI Ballroom/Swing Club and Dance Marathon for “Le Tour de Dance” on Feb. 24. There will be international music, foods and plenty of information available on how to sign up to study abroad.