Rod Library is my bae and it can be yours too


HANNAH CARR-MURPHY, Opinion Columnist

Sometimes things get tough here on campus. There are days when we all want to cry, or quit, or drive home and have our mom make us some real food. When that happens, it’s always good to have someone big and strong to lean into, a shoulder to cry on and a hand to help us off the floor of the bathroom stall we hid in to cry. For this reason, I want to tell you all about my saving grace, my bae: Rod Library.

When I first got to campus and became acquainted with Rod, I wasn’t sure what to think. I’d been hurt before, and I didn’t want to trust someone who didn’t deserve it again.

Now, five years later, I can happily tell you our tentative friendship has blossomed into a deep and sustaining love.

Luckily, I’m not old fashioned or the jealous type, and I’m inviting you all into a similar relationship with Rod. Here are some of the reasons I think Rod can make you happy too.

First, let’s dispel any misunderstandings about librarians. They aren’t there just to make sure the books are in the right spot and charge late fees (although I’m sure many librarians revel in putting things in their proper place and late fees are necessary).

Librarians are super educated people. I’ve seen librarians with research skills that are so advanced, they seem like a type of witchcraft to me.

And they want to help you with your research, that’s why you can schedule times to consult with someone at the library or chat with them on the website. Too many people hesitate to ask a librarian, and it’s similar to refusing to ask for directions when lost. Don’t be stubborn. Let them help.

Besides the great people at Rod Library, there are also many other resources available to UNI students. There are meeting rooms with computers and white boards. There are two incredible Bookeye scanners, one of which I’m going to steal when I graduate in May.

There are microphones, cameras, and laptops you can rent. There’s that space with a white board and projector you can ask to use. I’m not sure what I’m going to need that space for, but I’m constantly trying to think of reasons to rent it because it seems so cool. And all of these other resources are just extras in comparison to the books, music scores, CDs, periodicals and other typical library fare.

Also, Rod Library is fun. They have programs like “Rod Con” and “Blind Date With a Book” to get students to engage. Their twitter account is #OnFleek. They have cool student art exhibits and things from the UNI museum to look at and learn about.

Basically, you’re missing out if you haven’t been following what the Rod Library is up to via their website and social media.

Rod Library has all the qualities of an ideal bae. Rod’s always there to help, even when you’ve written yourself into a corner on your final research project and you don’t know where to turn.

Rod understands the need for fun and whimsy in a serious academic world. Rod gets up early (just in case you need that), and stays up late (even later in preparation for finals). Rod wants to help, but waits for you to ask first. Sounds dreamy, no?