MoviePass is transforming moviegoing experience



Opinion columnist Cristian Ortiz praises the new movie ticket subscription service MoviePass for its convenience and affordability.

CRISTIAN ORTIZ, Opinion Columnist

In the past couple of weeks, you may have heard of a service for movie-goers called MoviePass, the advertisements for which have recently flooded much of social media and other video streaming services.

MoviePass is said to basically be the Netflix for movie theaters. It’s a subscription where you pay $10 a month to be able to see one movie in theaters every single day.

Skeptical? I was too.

While I was intrigued by MoviePass’s claims, I decided to look deeper into the service to see exactly how it works. Basically, you sign up on the app and pay the first month’s fee, after which point they send you a MoviePass debit card.

Once you receive the MoviePass card in the mail, you activate your card and then the next time you are at one of the 4,000 theaters that work with MoviePass, you open the app, select your show time and the cost of the ticket is then loaded onto the card. Then you’re free to go to the ticket kiosk, pay for your ticket and enjoy the movie.

Indeed, it sounded too good to be true.

So, I decided to just give it a shot and subscribe. Then I waited and waited for my card to arrive. When my impatience grew larger, I started to look at the social media threads about people who have also recently subscribed to MoviePass.

A lot of people were also frustrated about their cards taking a long time to arrive, but then I saw a few comments on how when they finally did arrive, it was totally worth the wait.

This is also around the time when I discovered that MoviePass had been around for a couple of years and that their monthly subscription cost used to range from $50 and up and that it gradually went down to $30.

MoviePass later sent an email to me saying that since they recently announced their new $10 fee, their subscription numbers grew at an extremely faster rate than previously expected, and their company needed to expand to issue everybody their cards. This was understandable, and I was willing to wait.

When my card finally did arrive, I was anxious to try it. I was still a little confused on how to go about activating the card because the website and app wasn’t very clear.

So, I went to YouTube and was able to find help on it. Someone posted a video saying that to activate the card, you must go to the theater, click your show time and then enter your card number.

The first time you do this, you activate the card. The second time, when you see the word “Success” and a photo of the film’s poster that you are purchasing the ticket for, you actually get the money onto your card to go buy the ticket.

When I was able to find some free time, I headed over to the College Square Theater and tried it out. And to my surprise, it worked.

Not only did it work very smoothly, but it was really fast and efficient. I was very pleased by how quickly the money was loaded onto the card, and not even in a matter of a minute, I was able to get my movie ticket and enjoy the showing.

So far, I have used MoviePass twice due to a pretty busy schedule, but even in using it just those two times, I have been able to make my money back from the first month’s subscription payment.

The one catch is that you can only use MoviePass once a day, and it can only be for regular 2D showings. MoviePass has also recently updated their terms of service, which has made some people nervous because they now state that they have the right to update how often it can be used or introduced other limitations.

To my knowledge, nothing has changed so far, but even if it was limited to something like three times a week, it would still be worth it.

Think about it. If a movie ticket is $8, and you are able to buy three tickets a week for a month, that would still be about $96 (minus the $10 for the monthly fee) that has been saved at the movies.

I hope MoviePass stays the way it is because it is an amazing service that I highly recommend, especially for those who are cinephiles. Even if you go to the movies two to three times a month, you can still save some money. And hey, if you often take your dates to the movies, you can save even more money.