Panther Portrait: Young Puppeteers Showcase

SOFIA LEGASPI, Campus Life Editor

Puppets designed by local elementary students are on display in the “Young Puppeteers Showcase” in Kamerick Art Building.

The project was part of a lesson plan designed by UNI students in a Methods in Elementary Art Education class last semester.

The children used fabric, styrofoam, yarn and various other materials to design their puppets, each of which were accompanied by short descriptions the students wrote themselves.

LEFT: “My puppet is bob ross! He has a plaid blue shirt and nice brown eyes. His friend is aleno and they met on the beach while he was painting a pic of the beach.” (Lennon Michel, 5th grade, North Cedar)

MIDDLE: “Icecreamy was stolen from a store and a scientist found it on the floor and took it to his lab and made it come alive and it has been hiding away in a freezer. Then it escaped and has been roaming around the town but he doesn’t know what is coming next.” (Kelsey Eastman, 4th grade, North Cedar)

RIGHT: My favorite thing about my puppet is: that she is mermaid because I love to swim. I think that it brings out my personality. My puppet is: majestic because is beautiful. Also she is a mermaid.” (Mya Miller, 6th grade, Hansen Elementary)

The showcase will be on display in the glass cases just outside the UNI Gallery of Art until Saturday, April 20.