Legaspi says farewell as CL editor

SOFIA LEGASPI, Campus Life Editor | [email protected]

As I begin writing this, I’m sitting in front of a blank computer screen at a loss for words.

Finding something to say has been one of my lifelong struggles. Journalism drew me in because it allowed me to use my voice to share stories that already existed, waiting to be told. And wow, has it been an incredible two-plus years with the NI doing just that.

Over five semesters, I have met nearly 100 people through interviews, covered 53 events, published 136 bylines and laid out 207 pages. Yes, I counted. Thank you, UNI, for the stories you gave me to tell. From local musicians and ice cream clubs to beloved employees’ retirements and professors’ love stories — it has all been a delight.

More importantly, UNI, thank you for writing yourself into my own story. Through you, I’ve met some of my closest friends, made some of my best memories, learned some of my hardest lessons and through it all, grown as a person, a student and a follower of Jesus.

Thank you, NI, for pushing me farther out of my comfort zone than I ever thought I could venture. I started here as a timid sophomore, insecure in my journalistic faculties and terrified of approaching strangers for an interview; I leave as a still-very-quiet but much more confident soon-to-be graduate, ready to face the world.

Leziga, thanks for convincing me to apply for this job with that surprisingly well-planned presentation in the middle of Piazza. Anna, thanks for being my cheerleader, finding all those winning story ideas and probably breaking the NI record for most assignments taken. Abigail, Ian, Mom and Dad — thanks for listening to me vent about this job when I needed to. And Mio, here’s your pity shoutout for reading a draft of this letter and demanding to know why you weren’t mentioned.

To my coworkers in the newsroom, past and present: thank you for enlightening me to the wonders of classic internet memes, Netflix comedy specials and mainstream cinema. Thank you for giving your time and talent to be in my crazy short film! Gabby, you’ve been a phenomenal executive editor and so much fun to work with, and I hope you get your gavel one day. Cece, there is no one else to whom I would rather pass the campus life baton — you’re going to crush it! Hunter, you are still the actual best; thank you for consistently making my job easier. Michele, you have cared for your NI kids so well, and the paper won’t be the same without you.

And to the readers: thank you. You are the reason we are here.

So much of journalism entails the messiness of crime, accidents, politics, disasters, controversies and tragedies. The world is a dark place and it’s heartbreaking. But piercing through the darkness are moments of hope, generosity, laughter, solidarity and kindness. Those are the moments that make it worthwhile, and those are the stories we need to tell. There is so much good in this life. Don’t forget to notice it.