Living on campus in a post-COVID world


When living in dorms, students expect to share bathrooms, living spaces, and dining halls. These expectations were changed however in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many students returned to campus in the previous weeks, one of which being sophomore Katelyn Johns. Johns moved into Panther Village a week prior to the start of the fall semester. Like everyone else living on campus, COVID-19 affected her move-in process.

“Hectic, that’s for sure,” Johns said about her move-in experience. “We only were allowed three people to assist us, with only two hours to get everything moved in. Obviously, I understand why, but the process was pretty difficult.”

Panther Village requires its residents and visitors to wear masks when in the hallway and elevators. Residents are now also only allowed one visitor at a time.

Residence halls usually hold big events and socials in order to engage their residents with each other. This year, most people will through Zoom or other forms of social media.

“We actually had our Welcome meeting through Zoom,” Johns said. “We met with our RA, and also had to sign a roommate agreement focusing on COVID-19. Basically, we have to all agree on what we’re comfortable with, who we are allowing into our dorm and whether or not we feel comfortable with each other going out in big groups of people. That is definitely different than last year.”

While it will be more difficult to meet people in the dorms this year, it definitely is bringing people closer together.

“It’s crazy how everyone comes together during something like this,” Johns said. “While this is a huge adjustment, it seems to be going smoothly right now.”