Digital Media Department looking for one-minute horror films


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Students of all majors are allowed to compete in a one-minute horror film contest.


The Department of Communications and Media’s Digital Media program invites UNI students of any major to submit horror films to the “Tick Tock: One Minute to Shock” contest. The Digital Media program has hosted similar video contests in the past, but this is their first Halloween-themed one.

  “I think we live in scary times,” Philip Hopper, a professor of communication and media, said. “So I think having people be able to reflect on that, and perhaps not even in a serious way, perhaps in a humorous way that’s a little bit scary, might be helpful.”

Hopper said that horror films are enjoyable for people because they’re safe ways to be scared. Even if someone jumps and covers their eyes, they can still walk out at the end.

Hopper encourages all students to consider submitting videos, stating the contest provides an opportunity for students to explore the times they are living in. He encourages those who submit videos should try to think outside a realm of jump scares. Daily occurrences like wearing masks and seeing people skitter away at the grocery store to maintain a distance of six feet can be just as scary as classic horror tropes.

“The mundane and the everyday can be just as scary as someone in a hockey mask and a butcher knife,” Hopper said.

Films should be one minute long or less and be submitted in mp4 format by Oct. 26 at midnight. Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third places. Winners will either receive cash or credit to the UNI Bookstore. Videos can be submitted using the QR code listed on the contest flyer or at