Gallery of Art hosting virtual exhibit



The UNI Gallery of Art is hosting a virtual design exhibit throughout the month of March.

ANTHONY WITHEROW, Campus Life Editor

The UNI Gallery of Art is currently presenting their online design exhibition with the help of middle and high school students throughout Iowa.

Titled, “Structure, Invention and Surprise/Explorations of Pattern by Secondary Students: The Elena Diane Curris Biennial Design Exhibition,” the display is available for all to view on the gallery’s website and will be available until March 29. The exhibition was curated by Assistant Professor of Art Education Samantha Goss and conceptualized with Emeritus Professor of Graphic Design Phil Fass.

Goss organized the event in the fall of 2020 by giving art teachers throughout Iowa an entry form. The teachers were also given materials they could use to introduce their students to patterns and teach them how they can be used and how they are inspired.

“When considering possible themes for this call, it became apparent that pattern could be very interesting but posed unique challenges for this age group and current context,” said Goss in a statement to UNI.  “Pattern is something we all recognize and know, but there are significant varieties and depths of pattern that are not often in the forefront of our mind in secondary level art education.”

The webpage hosts 48 accepted pieces of artwork from students who looked to put their own perspective on pattern. Underneath each piece is information about the artist, the name of their art teacher and what inspired them to create the piece.

The series began in 2018 and is named after the late Elena Diane Curris. Curris received her Associate of Arts degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alabama. She went on to attend the UNI Price Laboratory School while her father was president of the university. Curris developed a love of design throughout her life.

The idea of the exhibition was first proposed by Curris’s parents Constantine and Jo. The long-term support for the series was made possible by funding from Curris’ family to help promote graphic design education at UNI.

Additional information about the exhibition can be found at or by contacting the director of the UNI Gallery of Art Darrell Taylor at [email protected]