New campus life editor greets readers


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The Northern Iowan welcomes new campus life editor for the 2021-22 school year.

CATHERINE CROW, Campus Life Editor

My name is Katie Crow and I am so excited to be the campus life editor. I am currently a third year student here at the University of Northern Iowa and am majoring in digital journalism and minoring in art for photography. I am from Cedar Falls, but was adopted from Guatemala. I have been working for the university for over three years now and I love the people who I have met throughout my many years here so far.

While working at the paper I also help out with the UNI thrive mentoring program, I am also starting to get involved with the Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc here on campus. With the mentoring program I plan on becoming a mentor to help out incoming freshmen or transfer students find their way here on campus. As for Lambda Theta Alpha sorority I plan on helping with recruitment, as well as, help women be successful with their college experience and with their future careers. 

With that being said my goals definitely include helping others succeed here while attending UNI. That is why I want to become a mentor and help others find their passion. Besides that another goal of mine is to capture some award winning moments whether that be through writing or photos. When I was in high school I won a couple Iowa High School Press Association awards for a few photos and that feeling of accomplishment kept me going and made me realize how much I love photography and the journalism field. That’s what I want to do again is to have that sense of accomplishment after a lot of hard work. 

Now when it comes to career wise goals I hope to become a photojournalist or even an editor at a small news company in Chicago, Salt Lake or even somewhere in Florida would be great as well. I want to start small and work my way up from there or even help a small news company become bigger, whether that’s through helping promote on social media or just helping out getting the best news content possible. As of now my plan is to go to Des Moines and start out there in the media field and see where I land from there, who knows maybe I will end up staying in Iowa.

I’m excited to be an editor, I’m hoping to bring new ideas to the paper. I also want to help others figure out their path or passion within the journalism or photography world. For me if it wasn’t for the photographer and teachers that I had that helped me realize my true passion, I wouldn’t be here at the paper. I truly hope I can be that inspiration for someone one day or even now. 

As mentioned before I am a photographer on top of being an editor. I absolutely love photography, specifically sports and macro photography. I loved capturing football and basketball photos with my 300 millimeter lens in highschool. Just being able to capture a great moment at any sporting event is priceless and that’s what I love about photography. With macro photography I love seeing the details of plants, especially when I get a photo of a bee just flying into a flower. 

If you have any questions regarding photography or anything else that I may have mentioned feel free to contact me and I can try and help you in the best way possible.